Water from the Rossarden Water Treatment Plant in Tasmania has taken out the top prize in WIOA Ixom’s Best Tasting Tap Water in Australia competition.

The Rossarden Water Treatment Plant, which is run in partnership with water services provider TRILITY, beat the other State competition winners from around the country to win the coveted award.

The plant services around 110 connections and uses a modern multi-barrier approach that incorporates UF filtration, granular activated carbon, calcite remineralisation and disinfection via sodium hypochlorite.

The award recognises our engineers and scientists’ excellent work in delivering great-tasting, safe, and reliable drinking water to Tasmania’s regional communities. The community of Rossarden can now celebrate after being acknowledged as having the best tasting tap water in Tasmania and Australia

Rossarden’s water will now go up against the global competition in the International Best Tasting Tap Water Competition in West Virginia in 2021.