WIOA Vision, Mission Values & Goals


To be the leading industry association promoting excellence in water industry operations.


To develop and support people in water industry operations.


  • To build a National Association of Members who are actively engaged in the operation and maintenance of water and wastewater systems;
  • To accumulate and disseminate information on the design, control, operation and maintenance of such systems to improve Members understanding and knowledge;
  • To promote and develop education and training standards to ensure the highest possible levels of efficiency and competency for all operators;
  • To provide opportunities for the recognition of individual achievements of both Members and other operators employed in the water industry;
  • To encourage new people into the industry and ensure adequate skill levels and succession planning across the sector;
  • To promote health and safety issues as a key element of the workplace;
  • To develop consistent and reciprocal levels of training and qualifications of Members across all States and Territories; and
  • To promote the protection of the environment in all member activities and functions.


  • Integrity
  • Being safe
  • Professionalism and consistency
  • Innovation & sustainability
  • Recognition and celebration of achievements
  • Open, honest and timely communications
  • Supportive behaviour and respect