History & Office Bearers

The Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA) was originally founded in 1973 as the Wastewater Purification Plant Superintendents & Operators Association.

Over the years it changed its name and amended its core purposes to meet the needs of operational staff in both Victoria and now nationally. In 1977 the name was changed to Australian Wastewater Operators Association (Victorian Branch); in 1984 it became the Wastewater Operators Association Incorporated (Victorian Branch). In 1990, it was expanded to cover all sectors of the water industry becoming the Australian Water and Wastewater Operators Association Inc (Victorian Branch).

The change to our current name of the Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA) occurred in 2002.

When it was originally established, the aim of the founding members was to provide a forum where wastewater engineers and operators could share information and learn from one another. The development of appropriate training for operators and the promotion of protection of the environment were also aims.

The Association now still has an active involvement with the national Water Training Package development and stages a variety of conferences, seminars and training courses around the country.

WIOA Executive

Year President Secretary/Treasurer Life Members
2023 S. Shepherd G. Wall J. Busch & T. Hourigan
2022 M. Samblebe G. Wall A. Evans
2021 M. Samblebe G. Wall
2020 H. Josipovic G. Wall
2019 H. Josipovic G. Wall
2018 A. Rijnbeek G. Wall J. Harris
2017 A. Rijnbeek G. Wall P. Tolsher
2016 R. McGowan G. Wall
2015 R. McGowan G. Wall
2014 R. Mack G. Wall R. Mack
2013 R. Mack G. Wall
2012 J. Day G. Wall
2011 J. Day G. Wall
2010 A. Evans G. Wall
2009 A. Evans G. Wall
2008 P. Tolsher G. Wall
2007 P. Tolsher G. Wall B. Waddell
2006 C. Lim G. Wall
2005 C. Lim G. Wall
2004 J. Harris G. Wall G. Wall
2003 J. Harris G. Wall
2002 R. Mack G. Wall
2001 R. Mack G. Wall

AWWOA Executive

Year President Secretary/Treasurer Life Members
2000-01 B. Waddell G. Wall
1999-00 B. Waddell G. Wall
1998-99 R. Greenhough G. Wall R. Bergmeier
1997-98 R. Greenhough G. Wall
1996-97 L. Strange G. Wall
1995-96 L. Strange G. Wall
1994-95 L. Smith C. Sandeman S. Franzi
1993-94 L. Smith C. Sandeman
1992-93 L. Smith C. Sandeman
1991-92 W. Murdoch J. Anderson/C. Sandeman
1990-91 W. Murdoch J. Anderson
1989-90 I. Ruscoe W. Murdoch
1988-89 I. Ruscoe J. Anderson
1987-88 J. Anderson S. Lefebrve
1986-87 C. Sandeman S. Lefebrve R. Holloway *
1985-86 L. Morris N. Dinger
1984-85 C. D’Herville N. Dinger
1983-84 R. Holloway V. Jones
1982-83 R. Holloway V. Jones
1981-82 R. Holloway V. Jones
1980-81 R. Holloway V. Jones
1979-80 R. Holloway V. Jones
1978-79 R. Holloway V. Jones
1977-78 R. Holloway V. Jones
1976-77 R. Holloway V. Jones
1975-76 R. Holloway V. Jones
1975-76 R. Holloway V. Jones
1974-75 R. Holloway V. Jones
1973-74 R. Holloway V. Jones
1972-73 R. Holloway V. Jones

* Deceased