PASS Award (Problem Accepted Solution Supplied)

PASS Award - share your innovations with the rest of the industry chance to win a tour to NZ with WIOA Problem Accepted Solution Supplied

The 2021 winner is Craig Woodhouse from TasWater

2021 PASS Booklet

Our congratulations go to Craig and all of the other solutions that came from members.

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The PASS award is supported by Aqualfit Project Delivery and provides the opportunity for water industry operational staff to share their in the field innovations and fixes to problems so that others in the water industry can benefit.

The winner will join the WIOA team on their annual operational tour of New Zealand including attendance at the New Zealand WIOG operations conference.

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About the PASS Award


  1. To create an opportunity which encourages water industry operational staff to share their “in the field innovations” and/or “fixes to problems” so that others in the water industry can benefit.
  2. To provide an application process which is easy to complete and utilises a standard template. This will give all water industry operational staff the same opportunity for presenting their innovation.
  3. To provide the opportunity for operational staff to receive recognition for their innovation and efforts.
  4. To encourage operational staff to become aware of and involved with the Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA).
  5. To allow WIOA to share the good ideas and innovations with other Members through the Operator magazine and/or other publications.


The PASS application Template can be downloaded from the WIOA web site or can be obtained from the WIOA office. Applicants complete the Template and return it to the WIOA office either electronically or by mail after obtaining management permission to submit the PASS application. All PASS applications received in the 12 month period ending 1 March annually, will be judged by an independent judging panel as nominated by WIOA.

The PASS application deemed the best based on the range of criteria below, will win the PASS award for that year. The recipient of the Award will be announced at the “Meet the Exhibitors Dinner” at the WIOA NSW conference each year. By submitting an application, PASS authors automatically grant WIOA permission to publish the application in the ‘Operator’ newsletter or another WIOA publication.


PASS applications will be reviewed by an independent judging panel as nominated by WIOA and assessed on a number of criteria, including:

• Commonality of the problem
• Benefit to OH&S, Water Quality, and the Environment
• Financial and sustainability benefits
• Application to other industries
• Uniqueness, adaptability and simplicity


The person who submits the PASS application deemed to be the best in that particular year will be announced as the winner of the PASS Award.

Aqualift Project Delivery, as the PASS Award sponsor, will provide sponsorship for the winner to join the WIOA team on their annual operational tour of New Zealand including attendance at the Water Industry Operations Group of NZ annual conference. The tour and conference is normally held in early May annually.

The value of the prize is to a maximum of $2000. This sum will be paid to WIOA and WIOA will undertake all the necessary travel, accommodation and logistical arrangements on behalf of the PASS winner.

The winner will be responsible for obtaining the permission of their employer to attend the tour, will need to secure appropriate time off work, and will need a passport.

Previous PASS Award Winners

2020 Scott Kitwood from Gippsland Water
2020 PASS Booklet

2019 Toby Spark from Gippsland Water
2019 PASS Booklet

2018 Michael Cartmer, Martin Zardins, Quinton Caird, Stephen Casey & Michael Dixon from Power & Water
2018 PASS Booklet
2017 Marcus Boyd from Toowoomba Regional Council
2017 PASS Booklet
2016 Daren Lord from TasWater
2016 PASS Booklet
2015 Frank Rinaldo from North East Water
2015 PASS Booklet
2014 Lester Little from TasWater
2014 PASS Booklet
2013 Terry Randall & Danny Roberts from Port Macquarie Hastings Council
2013 PASS Booklet
2012 Mark Walker from Gippsland Water
2012 PASS Booklet
2011 Wayne Shaw from Gippsland Water
2011 PASS Booklet