IDIOTS – Inducted as Delegates of the Inextricably Obstructed Tap Society

The IDIOTS (Inducted as Delegates of the Inextricably Obstructed Tap Society) award was introduced as a way to recognise the services of individuals to the Association. The award is designed to complement Life Membership, the Association’s most prestigious honour.

The IDIOTS award is presented to an individual in recognition of their commitment to the vision and philosophies of the Association and the active promotion of WIOA through distinguished service to the Association.

To be eligible, a person must have demonstrated their commitment to the Association over a minimum period of five years, either as an Individual Member or as an employee of a Corporate member.


2023 Heidi Josipovic
2022 Neville Whittaker
2021 Robran Cock
2020 Adrian Rijnbeek
2019 Bill Collie, Darren Lord
2018 Colin Haynes, Ryan McGowan, Shane Bandiera
2017 David Sheehan, Ian Cuthbertson
2016 Kathy Northcott, Lindsay Walsh, Marcus Boyd
2015 John Granzien
2014 Peter Mosse
2013 Jill Busch, John Day
2012 Anthony Evans, Tim Sells
2011 John Paulger, Graham Thomson
2010 David Barry, Peter Tolsher
2009 Leigh Strange, John Park, Brian Davis
2008 Owen Braybrook, Ian Bicknell
2007 Peter Jackson, Cynthia Lim, Stephen Wilson
2006 Ken Herbert, Pat Davis, John Harris
2005 Mal Farnham, Neil Healey, Russell Mack
2004 Barry Waddell, Ron Bergmeier, George Wall, Richard Greenhough, Tony Hourigan