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Best Tasting Tap Water in Australia – Champions

State Champions

2023TBCTBCBHP Olympic Dam Desal PlantTBCTBCTBC
2022Shoalhaven Water Bamarang WTPMackay Regional Council
Nebo Road WTP
Murray Bridge WTP
TasWater Ferntree WTPMelbourne Water
Creswell WTP
Water Corporation Wyndham WTP
2021Richmond Valley Council
Casino WTP
Mackay Regional Council
Marian WTP
SA Water Suez
Anstey Hill WTP
TasWater Stornoway
Rocky Creek WTP
Westernport Water
Water Corporation
Wyndham WTP
2020Port Macquaire Hastings Council
Wauchope WTP
Livingstone Shire Council
Capricorn Cost Scheme
SA Water
Woolpunda WTP
Rossarden WTP
Lower Murray Water
Mildura WTP
Water Corporation
Yalgoo WTP
2019Shoalhaven Water
Bamarang WTP
Mackay Regional Council
Marian WTP
SA Water
Swan Reach WTP
Mount Leslie WTP
Barwon Water
Wurdee Boluc WTP
Water Corporation
Mundaring WTP
2018Port Macquarie Hastings Council
Port Macquarie WTP
Mackay Regional Council
Nebo Road WTP
SA Water
Woolpunda WTP
Bryn Estyn WTP
(Greater Hobart)
Wannon Water
Hamilton WTP
2017Icon Water
Mt Stomolo WTP
Livingstone Shire Council
Capricorn Cost Scheme
SA Water
Morgan WTP
Lake Fenton Scheme
Goulburn Valley Water
Merrijig WTP
2016Nambucca Shire Council
Bowraville WTP
Toowoomba Regional Council
Mt Kynock WTP
Happy Valley WTP
Barrington WTP
North East Water
Myrtleford WTP
2015Orange City Council
Icely Road WTP
Barcaldine Regional Council
Barcaldine WTP
Bicheno WTP
Goulburn Valley Water
Marysville WTP

Australian Champions

  • 2022 VIC

    Melbourne Water – Cresswell

  • 2021 NSW

    Richmond Valley Council
    – Casino WTP

  • 2020 Tasmania

    TasWater  / TRILITY – Rossarden WTP

  • 2019 Queensland

    Mackay Regional Council – Marian WTP

  • 2018 Victoria

    Wannon Water – Hamilton WTP

  • 2017 Queensland

    Toowoomba Regional Council – Mt Kynoch WTP

  • 2016 Tasmania

    TasWater – Barrington WTP

  • 2015 Victoria

    Goulburn Valley Water – Marysville WTP


Australia’s best tasting tap water was decided on Saturday 12 November 2022, when WIOA with great support from Richmond Valley Council hosted the Ixom 2022 Best Tasting Tap Water in Australia competition, putting interstate rivalry to the ultimate test.

Water authorities from various regional and metropolitan areas around Australia had already participated and won the Grand Final in their respective state-based competitions, and were then put head to head for the National Title and the chance to represent Australia.

The National competition was hosted by last year’s winner, Richmond Valley Council in Casino.  An exhibition space at the Primex Field Days was set up with the countries best samples sent for judging, with over 250 people tasting all 6 of the samples.

Ultimately the team from Melbourne Water with their sample from the Creswell WTP were announced as the 2022 Best Tasting Tap Water in Australia.

The Creswell sample will now be sent over to the USA and represent Australia at the annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition held in West Virginia, USA.

Photos & Footage for use : 2022 Taste Test

State representatives that competed for the ultimate prize:

  • ACT/NSW – Shoalhaven Water – Bamarang WTP
  • QLD – Mackay Regional Council – Nebo Road WTP
  • SA – TRILITY – Murray Bridge WTP
  • TAS – TasWater – Ferntree WTP
  • VIC – Melbourne Water – Creswell WTP
  • WA – Water Corporation – Wyndham TWP

Judges look for

  • Colour Water that is completely translucent without any white or brown tones
  • Clarity Crystal clear water with minimal turbidity
  • Odour Samples that are pleasing to smell – nice scent
  • Taste Samples that are pleasing to the palate

2022 State Winners


Shoalhaven City Council

Source Shoalhaven River
Facility Bamarang WTP
Community Nowra
Population 100,000
Treatment Conventional WTP – Flocculation, Clarification, Filtration, PH Correction (Lime CO2) post dose Chlorine and Fluoride.

Grand Finalists

  • Port Macquarie Hastings Council
  • Shoalhaven City Council
  • Tamworth Regional Council


Mackay Regional Council

Source Pioneer River
Facility Nebo Road WTP
Community Sarina, Farleigh & Seaforth
Population 105,000
Treatment Conventional WTP – Coagulation, Sedimentation, Filtration & Chlorination.

Grand Finalists

  • n/a



Source Murray River
Facility Murray Bridge WTP
Community Murray Bridge
Population 20,000
Treatment Conventional WTP – Flocculation, Clarification, Sand and anthracite Filtration, Chlorine & UV

Grand Finalists

  • Renmark – TRILITY
  • Murray Bridge – TRILITY
  • Loxton – TRILITY



Source Mt Wellington/North West Bay River
Facility Ferntree WTP
Community Hobart
Population 20% of Hobarts 93,000
Treatment Chlorination for Disinfection & Fluoridation

Grand Finalists

  • National Park – TasWater
  • Rocky Creek – TasWater
  • Ferntree – TasWater



Melbourne Water

Source Graceburn Creek
Facility Cresswell WTP
Community Healesville
Population 10,000
Treatment Membrane Process – Ultrafiltration, Coagulation, Chlorination, UV Disinfection

Grand Finalists

  • Central Highlands Water
  • Goulburn Valley Water
  • Melbourne Water


Water Corporation

Source Moochalarbra Dam
Facility Wyndham WTP
Community Wyndham
Population 700
Treatment Microfiltration membrane treatment plant with Coagulation, Chlorination & UV Disinfection

Grand Finalists

  • Busselton – Busselton Water
  • Pemberton – Water Corporation
  • Wyndham – Water Corporation

Quotes attributable for the taste test

The general public would probably be surprised to learn the complexities involved in delivering high-quality water to our taps each day.

Many of us turn on taps for a drink, to cook and shower, with little consideration of what it takes to operate and maintain the water infrastructure. The competition is a testament to the excellent quality of Australian water and to the diligence and commitment of the operational employees who deliver it to our communities.

We want to celebrate our unsung heroes – the water operators and the maintenance crews who work all year-round to ensure we have high quality water, which is essential to keep us alive.

Many of WIOA members are working hard behind the scenes for their communities to deliver high quality drinking water, whilst dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 and before that drought, fires and floods in various parts of Australia, and we want to use the Taste Test Competition to let people know the great work that is going on in local communities around Australia as these teams help shape and secure Australia’s water future.

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SA 2023 Media Release

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Australia’s 2020 Best Tasting Tap Water is the Best in the World

Water from a small regional town in Tasmania, which was once deemed unsafe for consumption, is now the best tasting in the world.

Water from the Rossarden Water Treatment Plant in the state’s Northern Midlands represented Australia after winning the WIOA –  Ixom Best Tasting Tap Water in Australia competition in 2020.  The top drop has now won the Best Municipal Water for 2021 at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting event in West Virginia, USA, a global event that judged water from five continents, 14 countries and 19 US states.

This is the first time water from Australia has won the prestigious award, which is a major coup for the nation and the state.

The Rossarden Water Treatment Plant is run in partnership with water utility services provider TRILITY, which built and designed the facility as part of TasWater’s 24glasses Regional Towns Water Supply Program in 2018.

“It’s a great result for the community and is particularly pleasing because Rossarden was part of our 24glasses Regional Towns Water Supply Program. With the plant in place, the community can take advantage of the water that flows from Ben Lomond knowing it is safe to drink. It’s a welcome bonus to see it recognised as not only the best tasting drinking water in Australia, but now the world.”
TasWater Senior Water System Optimisation Scientist Stephen Westgate

WIOA’s IXOM Best Tasting Tap Water Competitions celebrate the work undertaken by many WIOA members who work hard behind the scenes for their communities to deliver high-quality drinking across Australia.

Australian World Championship Medals

  • GOLD - 2021 Tasmania

    TasWater/TRILITY, Rossarden WTP

  • SILVER - 2018 Victoria

    Wannon Water – Hamilton WTP

  • SILVER - 2015 Victoria

    Goulburn Valley Water – Marysville WTP