Australia’s Best Tasting Tap Water

Launceston’s Brisbane Street Mall provided the perfect backdrop for the Ixom Best Tasting Tap Water in Australia competition, held during National Water Week on 18 October. TasWater, the reigning national champion hosted the event that saw the winners of each of the 5 State based Taste Test competitions go up against each other.

Many of the State winners also sent across a staff member to help out on the day. They joined WIOA, Ixom and TasWater staff to help encourage members of the public to taste the samples and cast their vote.

From toddlers to tourists, students to seniors, members of the public were asked to try each blind sample of water from the separate schemes and note the different tastes present in the tap water. In all, more than 150 members of the public voted and Toowoomba Regional Council’s Mt Kynoch WTP in Queensland took out the top drop this year.

Congratulations to Toowoomba who will go on to represent Australia at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition to be held in West Virginia.