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Contact: Ben Stephens
Address 70 Darlington Drive Yatala Queensland 4207 Australia Phone: 1300 822 834 Work Fax: 07 3807 7422 Website:


VAC Group can provide you with utility locating, vacuum excavation, survey & CAD services all conforming to Australian standard AS-5488 – 2013. In addition to our professionalism as a company, we are one of the only asset protection company to obtain certification to the ISO standards for our management systems in Quality 9001:2008, Safety 4801:2001 & Environment 14001:2004.

VAC Group operates EARTHSPY locating units, equipped with Electro Magnetic Induction (EMI) used for conductive or traceable utilities and 2 Dimensional Ground Penetrating Radar (2D GPR) used to scan the ground for untraceable services. 3D Radar Tomography (CART) is also becoming a popular tool for identifying the existence of unknown utilities & the underground mapping of sites during the design and construction stages.

VAC Group also boasts Australian owned, manufactured and operated VAC-U-DIGGA units for all of your non-destructive vacuum excavation requirements, servicing clients in South East Queensland, Gladstone , South Australia, Melbourne and NSW, all with 24/7 availability. We are able to provide 4WD units, tippers & backfill materials & can also access the work site from up to 100m away if required.

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70 Darlington Drive Yatala Queensland 4207 Australia


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