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Contact: Mark Halliwell
Address Level 3, 189 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia Phone: 02 8999 1919 Website:


Taggle is Australia’s leading Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) provider, operating the most widely deployed, commercially successful network in the country. Providing low-cost, low-power, long range communications for many types of sensors and devices, Taggle’s network is offered as a managed service with data delivered to agreed service levels.
With battery-powered transmitters available for use with water, gas and electricity meters as well as pressure, level, temperature and other sensors, Taggle’s network can be used to collect data from thousands of widely distributed devices. This data, when aggregated and analysed, provides new insights and context to existing operations and can be used to develop new approaches to design, planning, operation and capital management activities.
Taggle is currently contracted by more than 20 water utilities across Australia to collect water meter and other data for purposes such as leak detection, demand management, network optimisation and billing. The data, delivered in an open format to make it available for use in software platforms such as SCADA, GIS, hydraulic modelling and others.
With Taggle network, covering more than 100,000km2, customers other than water utilities are starting to take advantage of the opportunity presented by having Taggle network in their area. Farming groups are collecting weather data to better inform their members of local conditions while regional water management authorities are collecting data from water bores to monitor the impacts of water extraction on aquifers.
Recognising that no one network type will excel in all applications, Taggle embraces emerging LPWA standards such as LoRa and NB-IoT and is developing the capability to deploy these new technologies alongside its existing network to allow its customers to choose the one best suited to their needs.

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Level 3, 189 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia


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