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Kwik-ZIP Spacers

Contact: Jason Linaker
Address 3 Barnard Street Bunbury WA 6230 Australia Phone: 08 9725 4678 Work Fax: 08 9725 4700 Website:


Kwik-ZIP ‘s Patented pipe centralisers and casing spacers have been designed and developed in Australia and are now used world-wide in the water/wastewater, civil, and energy production and transmission sectors.

Our spacers are manufactured from high grade engineering plastics and are the preferred product throughout Australia for trenchless pipeline crossings and pipe in pipe installations.

The HDX Spacer has been successfully assessed against WSAA Product Spec 324 – Casing Spacers, and is used by most of Australia’s major water / wastewater agencies.

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3 Barnard Street Bunbury WA 6230 Australia


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