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Eco Detection Australia

Contact: Wani Wall
Other Level 4, 543 Bridge Road Richmond VIC 3121 Australia Phone: 03 8459 6999 Phone: 0419 574 097 Website:


Eco Detection has automated the measurement of dissolved inorganics in the field using capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE), predominantly used in laboratories because it provides robust, high resolution data. It is a revolutionary multi-parameter system with an expandable measurement platform to target an array of analytes, including heavy metals and organics, across proposed future product iterations.

CZE involves the separation of target analytes injected into a capillary. Different ionic species will travel at different speeds inside the capillary due to their individual properties, forming distinct groups as they move through. As each group passes the detector the number of ions in the group is determined to yield quantitative concentration measurements for each ionic species. Tuning of the capillary and electrolyte chemistry, along with precision engineering for the detection system, has enabled Eco Detection to achieve a unique level of sensitivity.I n addition to the direct ion concentration measurement, the Eco Detection Ion-Q system is capable of deployment with auxiliary sensors to measure associated water quality parameters at the same time. This enables the system to provide a more comprehensive view of the state of the water source through the same integrated data delivery channel.

Eco Detection’s end-to-end data service for water quality measurements, provides end-users, operators and decision makers with the critical information needed to manage their waterways and water assets effectively.


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