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Alga Enviro

Contact: Lily Kelly
Address PO Box 1012 Mapleton Queensland 4560 Australia Phone: 0406 594 767 Website:


Algaenviro is an independently owned, 100% Australian company.  We provide innovative solutions for managing water quality;

• control blue-green algae and water weeds (macrophytes),
• reduce ammonia
• reduce nitrate
• manage phosphorus

One of the solutions we have is our Australian made product, ‘Diatomix’, which is revolutionary in the way water quality is maintained. To ensure dosing and management is easy to implement and ensure regular dosing, AlgaEnviro also manufacture a programmable, automated, solar powered dosing machine.  The doser unit ensures Diatomix dosing is completed reliability and regularly, saving time on operational costs while ensuring the best outcome in water quality.

Dr Simon Tannock has been working with and consulting for Australian wastewater utilities, aquaculture companies and water managers for several years and he has an excellent reputation for ingenuity and innovation to solve difficult problems.

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PO Box 1012 Mapleton Queensland 4560 Australia


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