Industry Links

Water Industry Operator Certification

Water Industry Operator Certification Scheme www.watercertification.org.au

Water Conferences

WIOA www.wioaconferences.org.au

Water Related Links

Australian Water Trading System www.waterfind.com.au
Australian Water Association www.awa.asn.au
Cyanobacteria (Blue Green Algae) www.waterra.com.au
Hidden Costs of Water www.insurancequotes.org
How Stuff Works www.howstuffworks.com
How to Conserve Water in the Bathroom www.bathroomremodel.com
Local Government Association of Queensland www.lgag.asn.au
National Water Training Package
(NWP – Australian Industry Standards)
Oz Farm News www.ozfarmnews.com
OzH2o – Water Matters for Australia www.ozh2o.com
Save Water When Traveling www.trip.com/save-water-when-traveling
The Savewater® Alliance www.savewater.com.au
The Water Network www.thewaternetwork.com
Training Packages www.training.gov.au
Water Conservation at Home www.improvenet.com/a/water-conservation-at-home
Water Research Access Portal www.waterportal.com.au
Water Research Australia www.waterra.com.au
Waterwatch – Home Page www.vic.waterwatch.org.au
WSAA – Water Services Association Australia www.wsaa.asn.au

International Water Related Links

Water Industry Operations Group (WIOG) NZ www.wiog.org.nz
New Zealand Water & Wastes Association www.waternz.org.nz
Aerated lagoons – Wastewater treatment www.lagoonsonline.com
Institution of Water and Environment Management www.ciwem.org
Maritime Provinces Water And Wastewater Association www.mpwwa.ca
Alberta Water and Wastewater Operators Association www.awwoa.ab.ca
American Water Works Association www.awwa.org
Saving Water, Saving Money and Saving the Earth – Water Conservation Guide www.creditcritics.com
Water Research Foundation www.waterrf.org
Water use in the United States water.usgs.gov/watuse
Water Online www.wateronline.com
Water Center water.montana.edu


Victorian Water Industry Association Inc. www.vicwater.org.au
Barwon Water www.barwonwater.vic.gov.au
Central Highlands Water www.chw.net.au
City West Water www.citywestwater.com.au
Coliban Water www.coliban.com.au
East Gippsland Water www.egwater.vic.gov.au
Gippsland Water
Goulburn-Murray Water www.g-mwater.com.au
Goulburn Valley Water www.gvwater.vic.gov.au
Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water Authority www.gwmwater.org.au
Lower Murray Water www.lmw.vic.gov.au
Melbourne Water www.melbournewater.com.au
North East Water www.newater.com.au
South East Water www.sewl.com.au
South Gippsland Water www.sgwater.com.au
Southern Rural Water www.srw.com.au
Trility www.trility.com.au
Veolia Water www.veoliawater.com.au
Wannon Water www.wannonwater.com.au
Western Water www.westernwater.com.au
Westernport Water www.westernportwater.com.au
Yarra Valley Water www.yvw.com.au

NSW & Canberra

New South Wales Water Directorate www.waterdirectorate.asn.au
New South Wales Office of Water www.water.nsw.gov.au
Hunter Water Corporation www.hunterwater.com.au
Icon Water www.iconwater.com.au
MidCoast Water www.midcoastwater.com.au
Rous Water www.rouswater.nsw.gov.au
State Water Corporation www.statewater.com.au
Sydney Catchment Authority www.sca.nsw.gov.au
Sydney Water Corporation www.sydneywater.com.au


Queensland Water Directorate www.qldwater.com.au
Gold Coast City Council www.goldcoast.qld.gov.au
Queensland Urban Utilities www.urbanutilities.com.au
SEQ Water www.seqwater.com.au
Unity Water www.unitywater.com.au
Wide Bay Water Corporation www.widebaywater.qld.gov.au

South Australia

SA Water www.sawater.com.au
Allwater www.allwater.net.au
Water Industry Alliance www.waterindustry.com.au

Westen Australia

Department of Water www.water.wa.gov.au
Water Corporation www.watercorporation.com.au
Busselton Water www.busseltonwater.wa.gov.au


Tas Water www.taswater.com.au

Nothern Territory

Power Water www.powerwater.com.au


Anglian Water www.anglianwater.co.uk
East Bay Municipal Utility District www.ebmud.com
LOTT Wastewater Management Partnership www.lottonline.org
Orange Water And Sewerage Authority www.owasa.org
Snohomish County Public Utility District www.snopud.com
Southwest Water Company (USA) www.southwestwater.com
South West Water (England) www.swwater.co.uk
West Virginia- American Water Company www.wvawater.com