WIOA Talks Webinars

WIOA Talks (webinars) provide members from all over the country the opportunity to get together to hear the latest updates and share knowledge and experiences – and all from the comfort of their own desk!

In 2019, a total of 6 webinars were delivered covering a wide range of general interest and technical topics. The information presented was sourced from industry experts, many of whom are WIOA members, all with the intention of providing access to the latest information to Members.

The WIOA Talks provide an opportunity for collaboration with other water industry organisations and aim to inform members across Australia and internationally. Over 320 individuals participated in the webinars in 2018 and the feedback has been positive, advising that the content has generally been beneficial

Using the Adobe Connect web conferencing software, WIOA Talks provide members with another way to access information using an immersive online meeting experience. WIOA will continue to provide access to high-quality information online again in 2020. If you have suggestions for future webinar topics or have the information you would like to present at a future webinar, please contact the WIOA office.