Congratulations to the operators of the Woolpunda WTP who were awarded the Ixom 2020 Best Tasting Tap Water in South Australia, it is the second time in the last three years they have tasted victory.

The team from SA Water has won the award in 2018.  They competed in the Grand Final against samples from Morgan WTP and Berri WTP.

The plant serves a large distribution network supplying a sparsely populated area including the towns Wunkar and Mantung, as well as country lands, through a network of around 240 km of water mains.

These communities can now celebrate after being acknowledged as having the best tasting tap water in SA.

The 2020 title of the Ixom Australia’s Best Tasting Tap Water will continue in 2020 with state championships throughout the year, culminating in the national title that will be conducted later in 2020.