Congratulations to Brendan Roesler, Team Leader with the Trility Lower Riverland team on being announced as the 2017 South Australian Operstor of the Year, a fantastic award that is sponsored by .

Brendan is a detail-oriented person and is one of the most notable individuals within Trility regarding the understanding and adherence to appropriate procedures, most of which are based around our legislative and/or safety requirements. He has also been heavily involved as an operational representative through the implementation of Trility’s new contractor and visitor induction system, as well as the development of the upcoming operational data management program.

Brendan’s knowledge and experience has proved invaluable during development workshops, where his input has contributed significantly to the betterment of these systems prior to implementation.

Brendan acted in the role of Team Leader of the Lower Team for a decent portion of the most recent blackwater event in Trility’s Riverland Region, following the sudden departure of the previous Team Leader. The state of the sites, and subsequently the team itself, was in need of improvement and required significant work and attention to bring things back to the expected working order.

Brendan applied himself to the team, providing support for existing staff that were under additional stress and pressure, whilst also ensuring that routine duties were being properly addressed. Since entering into the acting role there was just one minor notifiable event at one of the Lower Riverland sites. In the two months leading up to his appointment there were six minor and 1 major notifiable event recorded.

Brendan has taken over the Team Leader role, where he has been continually praised for his professionalism, dedicated approach to work, experience, and calm demeanour from both within and outside of his team.

Brendan has been described as a ‘calming influence’ on the Lower Riverland team since his appointment as Team Leader earlier this year, and the performance results are indicative of this. He is one of the most efficient employees within the Riverland from a time and process perspective, and retains a breadth of knowledge of the sites he manages.