Peter Tolsher Life Membership

At the Victorian Conference in Bendigo, WIOA presented Peter Tolsher our highest individual award, Life Membership. In receiving the award, Peter became the seventh Life Member of the Association and it was pleasing that five of the other six living Life Members were able to be present to congratulate him.

In his time as a Board and Committee member, Peter rarely missed attending a meeting. His input was always constructive, well thought out and valuable. When making decisions, Peter has the knack of being able to listen to all views on a topic and then contribute his own insightful and relevant comments, allowing an informed decision to be made.

Peter has been a regular attendee at WIOA events and with the support of his current and past employers, he has attended many interstate events and helped with the expansion of WIOA.
Through his enthusiasm, commitment, energy, personal qualities and friendly nurturing nature, Peter epitomises the values our organisation aims to display, and we are pleased to appoint him as the seventh Life Member in WIOA’s 44 year history.