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VoR Environmental

Contact: Vincent Ho
Address 13-15 Aylesbury Street Botany NSW 2019 Australia Phone: 02 9695 1911 Work Fax: 02 9695 1933 Website:


VoR Environmental is the leading provider of water and wastewater treatment equipment in Australia and New Zealand, providing cutting edge technology in the areas of:

  • Inlet screens
  • Grit removal systems
  • Screenings and grit washing and dewatering equipment
  • Conveying, handling & storage systems
  • Sedimentation tanks sludge collector / scraper systems
  • Underwater robotic reservoir cleaning services
  • Catch-pond cleaning equipment and services
  • Tertiary & Micro filtration screens
  • Solar powered pond circulator and Aerator
  • Clarifiers
  • IDEA / SBR Decanters
  • Scum remover & harvester systems
  • Sludge dewatering equipment – Volute Dehydrator
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13-15 Aylesbury Street Botany NSW 2019 Australia


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