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Contact: Ben Azzopardi
Address 1 Litton Close Pemulwuy NSW 2145 Australia Phone: 02 9633 8024 Website:


At Viadux, we are driven by a purpose to help Australians to access the water they need for progress. We have a proud history in the industry and, along with our parent company, Reece Group, we support the civil, industrial and irrigation sectors with an innovative and comprehensive range of specialised products.

With contemporary water solutions forming an intrinsic part of our DNA, Viadux has always been a future-focused company. Our predecessors introduced some of the most sophisticated manufacturing capabilities into the local market, and this focus on progress is a tradition that we have continued to this day. Being at the leading edge of water solutions technology means that we’re always on the lookout for new solutions, and we have the capacity to implement these with confidence. Viadux offers unique industry services, such as handling and installation training, and unmatched experience in pipeline design and specifications. Viadux will always find you the best water network solutions.

Viadux is part of the Reece Waterworks division, which includes more than 32 Reece Civil branches around Australia. With access to the entire Reece Group product range, Viadux can offer the products and services that our customers need, big or small.

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1 Litton Close Pemulwuy NSW 2145 Australia


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