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Universal Corrosion Coatings

Contact: David Anderson
Address 16 Sperry Drive Tullamarine Victoria 3043 Australia Phone: 03 9310 3515 Work Fax: 03 9310 3524 Website:


The DNA of Universal Corrosion Coatings (UCC)

UCC provide solutions to corrosion and material degradation issues across the Oil and Gas, Water, Energy, Marine, Mineral Processing and Civil Infrastructure sectors. UCC are uniquely innovative when it comes to solving corrosion and material degradation problems associated with infrastructure assets. This innovation is borne out of specific experience in this field and a passion for delivering unsurpassed service to our clients.
UCC differentiate themselves in 4 key areas.


We inherently understand the issues faced by asset managers and our experience permits us to deliver optimum solutions to these issues. Nothing substitutes for real experience!

Innovative Product and Service Solutions:
Our Product & Service solutions are borne out of for passion for innovation and our experience. They are best in class providing peace of mind for asset owners who select our Product & or Service Solutions.

Applicator Training and Accreditation:
Experience has shown that innovating the best product solutions is only part of the answer,to round off the best product solutions requires applicators who are specifically trained in the application of the product solution. At UCC we provide project specific Applicator Training and Accreditation for all of our Product Solutions, to ensure that the installed product provides the long term performance envisaged and demanded by our clients.

Commitment To Excellence:
We are passionate about what we do. We want every client to experience Total Satisfaction in every transaction with UCC. It is this commitment which has enabled UCC to grow consistently and it is a commitment which will never waiver.

Our Pipeline Product Solutions

Canusa-CPS, Sleeve & High Build Epoxy Coatings
Our pipeline solutions are headlined by the Canusa-CPS range of heat shrinkable and high build epoxy coating systems developed over many decades by the Shawcor Group in Canada. Each of the Canusa-CPS products has been tailored to match the physical properties of the mainline factory coating on your pipeline. Coating integrity and compatibility is assured for Field Joint Coating, Hot Induction Bend Coating, Directional Crossings.

Butylen Self Amalgamating Tape Coating Systems
Butylen Self Amalgamating Tape Coating Systems were invented by Dekotec Gmbh, Leverkusen, Germany in the early 1970s. Their invention & innovation revolutionised tape applied coating systems. For the first time ever it was possible to achieve a seamless and fully fused pipeline coating utilising tape applied coating. The track record of Butylen Self Amalgamating Tape Systems in Australasia is unsurpassed and unparalleled in delivering proven field performance for field joint coating and in field pipeline coating coating remediation.

UCC Petrolatum Tape Coating System
Petrolatum products have proven their value over some 90 years!
In a world where the term surface tolerant is thrown with reckless abandon for any number of coatings, the proven performance of Petrolatum Coating Systems when applied to poorly prepared substrates is indisputable
The ability of Petrolatum Coating Systems to mould and conform the most irregular of profiles makes them the only practical, proven choice for field coating of valves, flanges and all other irregular profile pipeline fittings

Fibretec Ultimate HDD Coating System
HDD coating is the most arduous coating application that is encountered in the pipeline industry. The lap shear stresses and gouge stresses imposed upon the coating have the capacity to strip the coating from the pipe substrate. Naturally enough it requires one tough coating to deal with an HDD pull, Fibretec Ultimate HDD Coating is established as the premier global HDD Coating. The combined advantages of being able to be applied in the field and curing to ‘rock hard’ when exposed to UV light make Fibertec Ultimate HDD Coating the 1st choice coating for an HDD pull.

Experience is our foundation – Innovation is our future

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16 Sperry Drive Tullamarine Victoria 3043 Australia


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