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Contact: Shawn Taylor
Address 5/11-15 Rocklea Drive Port Melbourne Vic 3207 Australia Phone: 03 8652 7221 Website:


UAM Tec (UAM) is a Melbourne based Research and Development company focusing on underwater and subterranean capabilities, developing novel AI-enabled subsea drones and monitoring equipment for meeting inspection, mapping and surveillance requirements. Software solutions and hardware are designed for use in a range of commercial, scientific, infrastructure, utility, tourism, and defence industry applications.

The business has focussed on commercialisation of its technology predominantly for the water utilities sector initially, to service the considerable opportunity for innovating routine inspection, monitoring and maintenance tasks relating to water and wastewater infrastructure.

In addition to the primary invention, the H10 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), there has been the development of the integrated, “BarrelEye” commercial dive helmet camera attachment and sensor array, with customisations for use in civil inspections (now named “BarrelEye Civil”) commercial diving applications (“Barrel Eye Marine”) and BarrelEye ROV for fitting to third party Remote Operated underwater Vehicles. Recently adapting the technology set to R.O.G.E.R, our Remotely Operated Ground Exploration Rover developed for capturing Ultra high-resolution data in non-flooded and partially flooded tunnel environments. UAM Tec develops and manufactures all the core components of the hardware and software in-house.

UAM Tec exists to change the way we see the world.

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5/11-15 Rocklea Drive Port Melbourne Vic 3207 Australia


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