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Southern Commercial Divers

Contact: Raeleigh Farraway
Address 30 Tullimbar Lane Tullimbar NSW 2527 Australia Phone: 02 4256 5507 Work Fax: 02 4256 3097 Website:


Established in 1972, we are one of Australia’s leading Commercial Diving companies. Our services to the water industry include using divers and ROV’s, in raw water, potable drinking water, waste water and fire service tanks.

Our qualified commercial divers carry out underwater inspections, condition assessment, floor and wall cleaning, leak detection, repairs and maintenance while the reservoir or tank is in operation, eliminating the need to drain.

As reservoir maintenance specialists we have developed and manufactured ‘Remora’, a wall and floor cleaning vacuum head with a rotating brush that will remove all biofilm possibly containing cryptosporidium, manganese, chlorine residuals and other sediment that would normally be left behind by other cleaning methods.

Our equipment and extensive experience has no limits to the size and style of reservoir or tank we can service Australia wide.

With an extensive range of technology we can supply quality underwater photographs and video imagery. Using real time video feed allows the Dive Supervisor and client representative to view and direct as necessary. This constant communication and video system provides another level of safety and quality to our services.

Our capabilities:
• Underwater construction and demolition
• Environmental/ contaminated water diving
• Cutting and Welding
• Sediment sampling
• Pile Protection
• Remotely Operated Vehicle’s (ROVs)
• Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV/Drone)
• Non destructive testing
• Salvage
• In-water Surveys
• Tank Inspections and Tank Cleaning
• Pipeline Inspections
• Vessel and Barge Hire
• Confined Space Operations

Safety and experience matter

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30 Tullimbar Lane Tullimbar NSW 2527 Australia


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