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Contact: Andrew White
Address Unit 1, 18 Kimpton Way Altona Victoria 3018 Australia Cell Phone: 0419 133 862 Website:


Smart Lock is a structural pipeline repair product that revolutionizes in situ sewer and water pipeline repair. It provides trenchless point repair of damaged and defective in situ pipes caused by installation defects, soil movement, water infiltration, tree root infestation, construction and site damage and any other structural defects.

Smart Lock is a superior and permanent solution for end capping of redundant sewer lines and laterals.

Historically, felt liners and fiberglass patches have been the preferred method for repairing localised faults in pipes. Existing systems require lengthy cure times, making them labour and equipment intensive, and costly.

Smart Lock combines both proven fiberglass and mechanical point repair technologies into one efficient solution. The expandable locking system is manufactured from the highest grade of 3.16 stainless steel and has an external silicate impregnated glass mat. Smart Lock has been designed and developed with the installer and asset owner in mind.

With easy installation procedures, taking only around 20 minutes, Smart Lock can be installed into pipes that would traditionally requires costly bypass pumping and site management. With increased strength, and with reduced wear compared to traditional point repairs, Smart Lock is a step change when it comes to installing point repairs. Smart Lock is available in sizes from DN100mm to DN750mm in one piece units and DN900mm to 1500mm in two piece units.

The unit has been designed and manufactured in Victoria to withstand Australian conditions and to meet all appropriate industry standards.

Smart Lock Pty Limited
ABN 81 163 837 652
Patent US009261217B2
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Unit 1, 18 Kimpton Way Altona Victoria 3018 Australia


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