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Contact: Etienne Clauw
Address Unit 8, 3-5 Gilda Court Mulgrave Victoria 3170 Australia Phone: 03 8544 8544 Work Fax: 03 8544 8555 Website:


Semaphore is the manufacturer of the Kingfisher and Tbox range of telemetry products. Semaphore products are used in a vast range of water industry applications from simple pump monitoring to the control of sophisticated water and wastewater plants. Kingfisher products range in complexity from simple cost effective remote IO devices to control systems capable of supporting many thousands of IO points.

Semaphore support the Kingfisher and Tbox product range through a network of distributors and trained integrators both in Australia and throughout the world. The Kingfisher product range is designed in Melbourne Australia.

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Unit 8, 3-5 Gilda Court Mulgrave Victoria 3170 Australia


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