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Contact: Jeff Hilditch
Address PO Box 584 Ashmore Queensland 4214 Australia Phone: 07 5597 1455 Work Fax: 07 5597 1655 Website:


Nuflow is Australasia’s leading pipe repair and clearing specialists, providing reline solutions for blocked, broken and corroded pipes without the need to dig. With our own in-house scientific, research and development experts supporting our teams in the field, we can modify and tailor our products to find the right solution for every job. Our Blueline, Redline and Greenline technologies are being recognised as the most dynamic and versatile pipe relining systems in the world, and:
• comply with the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems
• meet international and domestic standards including Watermark certification
• are built to last – with up to 50 years’ product guarantee
• are fully manufactured in our own premises near major transport nodes on the Gold Coast, ensuring fast response times for every job
• are highly flexible and able to quickly repair damage in junctions, bends, horizontal, vertical or pressurised pipes and pipes varying widths
• are made to the exact requirements of each job, reducing the wastage associated with traditional relining methods which use pre-made or ‘off-the-shelf’ products.

Our specialist teams pride themselves on their ability to create efficient, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective pipe-repair solutions for even the most difficult situation. After more than a decade developing, testing and perfecting our products, Nuflow’s unique relining systems are fast-becoming the new way to keep pipes flowing.

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PO Box 584 Ashmore Queensland 4214 Australia


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