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Mapal Aeration Solutions

Contact: Yonina Strassler
Address Exchange Tower, 530 Little Collins Street Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia Phone: 03 9909 7038


A provider of Floating & Retrievable Fine Bubble aeration solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants of any type, shape and size. For new builds or upgrade and improvement of existing plants. With proven experience in Australia and around the globe, Mapal supports its customers with a full engineering package to meet the customer specific requirements.

Mapal’s aeration systems can be supplied as a permanent solution as a Capex purchase or as temporary add-on aeration solution for additional oxygen via the Opex budget under a rental contract.

Mapal’s aeration units are placed in a full aeration basin with a crane, making installation and maintenance easy, quick and safe with no downtime. The Floating units enable fine bubble diffuser aeration in lagoons. The units can operate side by side with existing fixed to the floor diffusers or surface aerators for additional oxygen as needed. The system is modular; units can be easily added, removed or relocated with no drainage needed. The units are exceptionally robust; the diffusers are constructed from stainless steel 304 or 316, a variety of membrane materials are offered to suit the wastewater (EPDM, Silicon, PU, PTFE and Teflon), and each unit is equipped with a condensate purge system keeping the diffusers dry and protected from wastewater damage.

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Exchange Tower, 530 Little Collins Street Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia


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