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LuminUltra APAC

Contact: Arthur Kokolekos
Address PO Box 60 Forest Hill Victoria 3131 Australia Cell Phone: 0434 771 881 Website:


LuminUltra strives to teach as many people as possible about the risks of microorganisms in water systems and what can be done about them. It’s our vision to be your first line of defence. To achieve that, we provide fast and simple solutions to microbiological problems in water. Our message is simple: if you do not measure it, you cannot control it.

LuminUltra APAC headquarters in Melbourne, Australia coordinates the company’s business interests in the Asia-Pacific region to deliver local support, service and knowledge.

Innovators and developers of the patented 2nd Generation ATP testing measurement system, this style of testing represents a major upgrade over other microbiological tools for four primary reasons:
1) It is fast – providing results within minutes of sampling.
2) It is simple – for anyone to routinely apply and to take action from results.
3) It is accurate – measuring 100% of the microorganisms 100% of the time.
4) It is reliable – in the lab or in the field, backed by our highly-knowledgeable support team.

Through fast and operator-friendly microbiological measurement tools, we give you an accurate answer to the most critical question: Am I in Control of Microorganisms?

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PO Box 60 Forest Hill Victoria 3131 Australia


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