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Lower Murray Water

Contact: Kevin Murphy
Address PO Box 1438 Mildura Victoria 3502 Australia Phone: 03 5051 3441 Work Fax: 03 5051 3480 Website:


In accordance with the Water Act 1989, Lower Murray Water provides:

  • Urban water services to 14 townships via nine treatment plants to approximately 70,000 customers along the Murray River in Victoria from Kerang to Mildura
  • Wastewater Collection, treatment and effluent re-use and disposal services to 11 towns via 10 treatment plants
  • River quality water services to 4,715 customers in the four pumped irrigation districts of Merbein, Red Cliffs, Mildura and Robinvale, the Millewa rural district and some areas of the waterworks districts of Carwarp and Yelta
  • Management of the region’s rural water entitlements
  • The collection and disposal of subsurface drainage water from the four pumped irrigation districts, Nangiloc, Robinvale and Boundary Bend diverters
  • Ensuring irrigation and drainage designs in new agricultural developments conforms with salinity management plan development guidelines
  • Management of the private diversion licenses of 1,102 water users along the Murray River in Victoria between Nyah West and the South Australian border
  • The assessment and approval of permanent and temporary water trade applications
  • Reclaimed water for third party use

In addition to security of supply, public health, water quality and environmental responsibilities, Lower Murray Water recognises the crucial economic role of water from a regional and state context.

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PO Box 1438 Mildura Victoria 3502 Australia


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