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Contact: Catherine Kimble
Address 5 Phiney Place Ingleburn NSW 2565 Australia Phone: 02 9426 1700 Work Fax: 02 9426 1755 Website:


Water is our most precious resource. KROHNE recognises this and has emerged as a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of solutions for the water and wastewater industry.

Founded in 1921, KROHNE employs over 2,700 people. In 1961, KROHNE introduced the first electromagnetic flowmeter (EMF) for water, wastewater, additives and sludge. Today, KROHNE produces more than 120,000 electromagnetic flowmeters annually from factories in the Netherlands, Brazil, India and China.

Every KROHNE flowmeter is wet-calibrated in a direct comparison of volumes, which the most accurate calibration method. The calibration is carried out for all electromagnetic and ultrasonic flowmeters on the world’s largest calibration system at KROHNE Altometer in Dordrecht, in the Netherlands.

In addition to the complete range of products for measuring level and flow, KROHNE also offer analyzing products for ph value, conductivity, ion concentration, redox and pressure. Servicing and calibration services round out the portfolio.

From municipality and industrial wastewater applications, to water treatment processes or inline analysis in hygienic applications. The OPTISENS and OPTISYS process analysis product line offers you tailored solutions for water and wastewater applications as well as secondary, wastewater and sludge treatment processes in other industries. For more information, contact

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5 Phiney Place Ingleburn NSW 2565 Australia


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