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Contact: Blanche Reddacliff
Address 3/218 Leitchs Road Brendale Queensland 4500 Australia Phone: 07 3205 4625 Work Fax: 02 9543 8766 Website:


EcoCatalysts is bringing a fundamental transformation in the advanced treatment of our water resources and bio-remediation. We are providing a superior, completely nontoxic alternative to the harsh and caustic chemicals which are now used throughout the world by municipalities and industry. A BOC is a broad spectrum catalytic composition, that significantly enhances the biological conversion abilities that naturally occur in nature. All our products are a liquid concentrate derived from plants and minerals, designed to cause an immediate catalytic breakdown of organic contaminates. Our products have an unique ability to increase gas transfer rates and the level of dissolved oxygen within water and accelerate the normal biodegradation cycle in soil. Our areas of environmental management include, waste water treatment systems, hydrocarbon remediation & soil conditioning.

All our products are patented, demonstrated benefits include:

Up to 40% saving on aeration costs
17% – 30 % Sludge Reduction
17% Polymer Reduction
40% – 60% BOD Reduction
Odour Elimination

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3/218 Leitchs Road Brendale Queensland 4500 Australia


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