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Denso Australia

Contact: George Wettenhall
Address 77-69 National Boulevard Campbellfield Victoria 3061 Australia Phone: 03 9356 7600 Work Fax: 03 9356 7699 Website:


Denso Australia is a leader in corrosion prevention and sealing technology. Denso’s track record spans a number of water industry infrastructure projects, with its products widely used on assets ranging from pipelines and water treatment facilities to irrigation and potable water systems throughout Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

With an eye on continuous research, development and improvement of our product range, and in partnership with Vogelsang, a German manufacturer, Denso Australia has introduced a unique range of sleeves suitable for both the water and gas markets.

Marketed in Australia as Premier Shrink Sleeves™, the new range of Heat Shrink Sleeves offer cutting-edge protection to steel pipelines. Features of the new sleeves include self-repair characteristics (butyl rubber- based adhesive), a thermal indicator, high mechanical stability and low water vapour permeability. In addition, the sleeves are also compatible with most common pipe coatings and are self-healing in the event of back fill damage.

Please contact your local Denso Australia representative for further information

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77-69 National Boulevard Campbellfield Victoria 3061 Australia


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