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Contact: Caan Phillips
Address Unit 7, 9-13 Winbourne Road Brookvale NSW 2100 Australia Cell Phone: 0414 985 561 Website:


Cyndan is a 100% Australian owned business. We have been manufacturing and distributing a broad range of chemicals since 1978. We have established a loyal customer base supported by our well-qualified team of Sales professionals operating throughout Australia to deliver excellent customer service and advice. Our products are also available for ordering online, or through a number of Distributors, thereby ensuring customers can be serviced however best suits their individual needs.

Cyndan has steadily grown its market share by focusing on the quality of our chemicals. Our products offer some of the highest dilution rates on the market meaning that when you order from Cyndan, you get a longer lasting solution that does a fantastic job. This is why some of the largest industrial and corporate businesses in Australia are regular Cyndan customers of our more than 250 products.

Download our Water & Wastewater Catalogue at It includes algae, foam, drain, spill, descaling & odour solutions, as well as cleaners, degreasers, disinfectants and specialty coatings.

Cyndan has preferred supplier status for the provision of Chemicals to all NSW, QLD & NT Councils, QLD State Government (including Water Authorities) and is a regular supplier to Government Water Authorities across remaining States.

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Unit 7, 9-13 Winbourne Road Brookvale NSW 2100 Australia


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