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Contact: John Stokes
Address PO Box 347 North Richmond NSW 2754 Australia Phone: 1800 013 210 Work Fax: 02 4571 3041 Website:


Manufacturers of CLEARBORE, a product that dissolves blockages in bores, pumps and reticulation systems caused by iron and iron-related bacteria in the groundwater.

Bacterial populations form rust coloured encrustations that block bore screens and pumps and reduce the flow spaces throughout the irrigation system. This situation results in:

• Pump operating problems caused by resistance to heat flow
• Increased pumping costs caused by increased friction
• Reduced bore yield caused by reduced or plugged flow spaces
• Blockages in pumps and irrigation systems
• Decreased water quality
• Increased iron-staining of infrastructure

Regular CLEARBORE treatments keep bores and pumps clear of the iron build-up and operating at maximum yield. CLEARBORE addresses environmental concerns by maximising the efficiency of existing bore installations and extending their useful life.

Clearbore Pty Ltd is supported by a strong dealership network throughout Australia and proudly exports Australian-made products to New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the UK.

Clearbore Pty Ltd also manufactures X-FE and X-FE Forte, bore water and iron stain removers.

All our products are performance guaranteed, easy to use, cost effective and completely biodegradable.

Visit our website: for full product descriptions and gallery pics.

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PO Box 347 North Richmond NSW 2754 Australia


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