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Bio Natural Solutions

Contact: Gary Weston
Address 15 / 49-55 Garden Drive Tullamarine Victoria 3043 Australia Phone: 03 9338 6722 Work Fax: 03 9338 6733 Website:


Bio Natural Solutions is an Australian Owned & Operated Company established in 2008. We represent highly effective eco friendly cleaning products, water saving solutions and wastewater treatments based on Bio-Bacterial technology. Our innovative technology consists of billions of specifically selected bacteria that target and digest organic matter eliminating the source of cleaning problems rather than masking them. Our products ensure odour decomposition occurs rather than simply masking the smells.

The bacteria used in our products contain different strains of bacillus bacteria and pseudomonas capable of producing enzymes, resulting in extremely powerful biological products which break down and digest the source of wastewater problems.

Our bacterial products are used to effectively treat municipal and industrial wastewaters and other wastes including surfactants, petrochemicals, hydrocarbons, fats, oil and greases (FOG), BOD5 and sludges. The successful degradation of these wastes is through bacterial activity and the production of enzymes including proteases, lipases, amylases, ureases, celluases, and/or reductases. Our bacterial products are used in high strength organic and solids loading situations including manure lagoons and composting operations to control odor and for BOD5 reduction and sludge reduction. Our bacteria can be used to treat a broad spectrum of waste and wastewater challenges.

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15 / 49-55 Garden Drive Tullamarine Victoria 3043 Australia


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