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Abergeldie Watertech

Contact: Brian Campion
Address PO Box 10 Regents Park NSW 2143 Australia Phone: 02 8717 7777 Work Fax: 02 9642 7093 Website:


formerly Kembla Watertech

Abergeldie Watertech has been active in the pipeline rehabilitation industry since 1993 and has a team of over 150 experienced and trained personnel, who operate an enviable suite of products and services from around the world and customised to meet unique Australian conditions. Abergeldie Watertech has invested heavily in acquiring state-of-the-art technology in order to offer the most cost effective solutions to critical environmental problems such as deteriorated sewers. Abergeldie Watertech has a proven track record, second to none, in the introduction and operation of new technology in Australia.

Abergeldie Watertech is committed to working in partnership with its clients to deliver the highest quality products and services using the safest, most efficient and sustainable processes.

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PO Box 10 Regents Park NSW 2143 Australia


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