John Harris Life Membership

At the Victorian Conference in Bendigo, WIOA presented our highest individual award to John Harris.  In receiving the award, John became the eighth Life Member in the Association’s 45 year history.

In 1994 John attended an AWWOA Committee meeting to talk about the development of the national water training package. He took on the role to represent both WIOA & ASU on the package development committee that saw the first ever national training package developed.

John has represented the water industry on skills committees since the late 1990’s in his roles on the Australian Local Government Training Board; then Government Skills Australia and most recently Australian Industry Standards.  He has been Chair of the Water Industry Reference Committee from 2005 to the present.

No matter how busy he is, John always makes himself and his time available to WIOA (including out of hours). He has been an invaluable sounding board to discuss ideas or issues as his opinion is always highly respected.