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Our Vision

“Shire of Opportunity”
To improve the quality of life for our communities through the delivery of efficient, effective and sustainable
services and facilities.


Our Mission

Our Council is committed to promoting and striving for continuous improvement in all that we do, for the benefit
and growth of the whole of our Shire.


Our Values

• Advocacy for our people
• Effective and responsive leadership
• Integrity and mutual respect
• Honesty, equity and consistency in all aspects of Council’s operations
• Quality of service to our citizens
• Work constructively together, in the spirit of teamwork
• Sustainable growth and development


Operate and maintain Council’s treatment plants in accordance with legislative requirements and Council





• Provide advice and support to assistant operators and trainees

• Operate, maintain and repair water supply and sewerage infrastructure including swimming pools, reservoirs, bores, pump stations and chlorination facilities

• Monitor treatment process parameters, including chemical and dosing requirements

• Collect samples for analysis and undertake routine analysis

• Respond promptly to operational changes to ensure continuity of supply of treated water/wastewater to defined standards

• Detect and report changes in water/wastewater treatment which may affect quality, distribution and supply to the Supervisor

• Respond to enquiries from internal and external customers promptly and professionally

• Maintain log sheets, asset records and monthly reports

• Update Council’s state-wide water information management system (SWIMs) with operational tasks and test results

• Utilise the SCADA/Telemetry network and associated equipment to monitor key operational parameters and respond to alarms/exceedances accordingly

• Undertake stocktakes of consumable supplies and maintain relevant stock levels

• Ensure safe use and storage of dangerous goods (eg. Chlorine, hydrochloric acid)

• Assist in the supervision of contractors and other employees as required


• Operate within Council’s Drinking Water Quality Management and Recycled Water Management Plans

• Undertake routine administrative tasks as required by the position eg. timesheets

• Assist senior staff to continuously improve work processes and develop new practices as required

• Participate in training, exercises and response to disaster management and recovery as required

• Undertake other relevant duties as directed, consistent with skills, competence and training.

• Queensland C class manual drivers licence (minimum requirement – provisional licence)
• Certificate III in Water Industry, or relevant equivalent qualification
• General Safety Induction (Construction Industry) Certification (White Card)

• Water and wastewater treatment operational experience
• Knowledge of relevant treatment operation legislative requirements
• Ability to troubleshoot and resolve process issues
• Computer skills (eg. MS Office and SCADA/Telemetry systems)
• High level of oral and written communication skills
• Customer service skills and experience
• High level team work skills
• Sound understanding of and commitment to EEO and WHS principles and practices.

The Employee agrees to comply with the following:
• Workplace Health and Safety policies and procedures
• Customer service standards
• Council’s Code of Conduct
• Council’s Environmental Policy
• Anti-discrimination legislation, actively promoting its principles in all activities
• Human Resources policies and procedures
• Financial Management policies and procedures
• Records Management policies and procedures
• Disaster Management policies and procedures




• The employee acknowledges that this role requires them to hold and maintain a class ‘C’ manual drivers
licence and that the loss of licence may jeopardise employment with Council
• The employee agrees to be available for work on weekends and public holidays as required
• The employee agrees to participate in an on call roster
• The employee acknowledges that this role has been identified as working in an ‘at risk work location’
and/or is an ‘at risk worker’ and subsequently agrees to be protected by the relevant immunisations in
accordance with Council’s Staff Immunisation Program and will participate in required health monitoring
in accordance with the guidelines set out by council and relevant legislation and industry standards
• The employee acknowledges this role is physically demanding and requires an adequate level of fitness
to be held and maintained in order to successfully undertake manual labouring tasks
• The employee acknowledges that they may be required to travel to other towns within the Shire to
operate other Council treatment plants.

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