Help the Water Industry get recognised in the 2021 Census

The Census will be held on 10 August 2021.

The water industry is significantly undercounted due to the lack of water-specific occupational codes recognised by the ABS. We encourage all operational staff in the water industry to use one of the 28 occupational titles listed in the Water Industry Occupational Framework listed below.

Organisations have various titles for similar positions and we encourage individuals to use the listed occupations to help define the industry.

For example, the following is a list of titles for treatment workers that can be grouped as Water Operator:
Treatment Plant Operator, TPO, STP Operator, Water & Sewerage System Operator, Water Treatment Plant Operator, Water & Sewerage Operations, Water & Wastewater Treatment Operator, WTP Operator, Water & Sewerage Officer, Water Treatment Technician.

For the 2021 census we need you to use one of the 28 occupations for the Water Industry as your main job held.

Source (catchment & bulkwater)

  • Bore Fields Operator
  • Bulkwater Operator
  • Catchment Operator (Compliance & Enforcement)
  • Catchment Operator (Land Management)
  • Catchment Operator (Technical)
  • Dams Operator
  • River Operator
  • Supervisor
  • Diversions Officer
  • Dam Safety Instrumentation Specialist
  • Salinity Interception Officer


  • Assistant Networks Operator
  • Networks Operator
  • Networks Supervisor
  • Work Planner

Treatment (water, wastewater & recycled)

  • Assistant Operator
  • Water Operator
  • Water Treatment Supervisor
  • Water Treatment Coordinator
  • Water Treatment Technologist


  • Assistant Hydrographer
  • Hydrographer
  • Senior Hydrographer

Trade Waste

  • Trade Waste Officer
  • Trade Waste Supervisor


  • Field Operator


  • Essential Services Operator
  • Water Sampler