WA Operator of the Year

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This is the most prestigious award presented to operations staff in the Western Australia Water industry annually.  The award is presented to operators of network systems or water or wastewater treatment facilities to recognise excellent performance, initiative, and all-round attention to detail.

All employers of operators in Western Australia to nominate appropriate “operations staff” to be considered for the award.

Award criteria

Nominees should be employed in Western Australia and should have direct responsibility for operational decisions within network systems or at community water and wastewater facilities

The following features are taken into account in considering worthy recipients:

  1. Continuing education/training achievement
  2. Overall plant or system management and condition
  3. Demonstrated attention to work, Health and Safety, and other regulatory responsibilities
  4. Initiative and innovation, demonstrating improved treatment and efficiency

The completed applications are judged by an independent panel nominated by the Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA) and the winner of the Western Australia Operator of the Year Award will be announced at a WIOA event annually.

The winner receives a perpetual trophy for his or her organisation to keep for 12 months plus a personal trophy to keep permanently.  The winner will also join the WIOA operator delegation on their annual trip to New Zealand to join the study tour and participate in the WIOG NZ operations conference.

Previous Winners