Spirit of Australia – Awards

State – Spirit of Australia Awards (mateship)

These awards (one per state) celebrate the Australian spirit of mateship.

Australians are renowned to come together to provide unconditional help and support each other during times of need. It is this compassion and kindness that we want to recognise and we encourage you to share your stories and submit nominations to acknowledge someone who has supported those during challenging times.

The winner will have made an outstanding contribution to supporting others, which might include:

  • Developing initiatives to show kindness to neighbours
  • Promoting physical and mental wellbeing in your community
  • Helping those less able
  • Supporting communities in times of need or creating virtual communities
  • Supporting remote workers, keeping them engaged, motivated and recognized
  • Adapting work practices to enable remote working

There will be one award per state, with completed applications judged by the WIOA committees in each state. Courtesy of award sponsor, TRILITY, the winner will receive a financial contribution that will be provided to a charity of their choice.

Applications are judged by WIOA selection committee and the winner will be announced at a WIOA event to be confirmed. 

Nominations will be assessed based on the following criteria: 

The extent to which the program or initiative has been able to promote and support the workplace or community they serve, such as access, participation and connection for co-workers, members of the community, and people from disadvantaged and marginalised groups.

Impact The extent to which the program or initiative has benefited co-workers, members of the community, and people from disadvantaged and marginalized groups. 

Innovation The level of creativity, imagination, and innovation demonstrated within the program or initiative.

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2020 Award Winners


  • Queensland

    Bill Collie (Urban Utilities)

  • Northern Territory

    Jethro Laidlaw (Power & Water)

  • NSW

    Jill Busch (Aqualift Project Delivery)

  • South Australia

    Matthew Gulliver (TRILITY)

  • Tasmania

    Damien Lavelle (TasWater)

  • Victoria

    David Dickson (North East Water)

  • Western Australia

    Jessica Wilson (Water Corporation)