In search of the Best Tasting Tap Water in Australia

Quotes attributable to WIOA – Chief Operations Officer, Craig Mathisen

“No one writes about high-quality drinking water that everyone drinks 365 days a year and no one gets sick from, so WIOA has decided to try and shed some light on what has been for too long, a bit of a hidden industry. We see the operators of the facilities as people who work in public health who daily put quality food on the table of our communities around the country.

“Generally, if you ask people on the street where their water comes from, they’ll just say it’s from the tap. But there’s a lot that happens to that water before it gets there, and this is our way to honor the hard work of those people who ensure the best water coming from the tap every day.

For further information contact Craig Mathisen : Mobile 0457 846 008 : email

Previous Winners  

Year Winner Water Provider Treatment Facility Held
2019 Queensland* Mackay Regional Council Marian WTP Dunkeld VIC
2018 Victoria* Wannon Water Hamilton Toowoomba QLD
2017 Queensland Toowoomba Regional Council Mt Kynoch Launceston TAS
2016 Tasmania TasWater Barrington WTP Marysville VIC
2015 Victoria* Goulburn Valley Water Marysville WTP Gunnedah NSW

* Silver Medal- Berkeley Springs International Water Competition held in West Virginia USA