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SA Operator of the Year

Consider nominating operational employees who have excelled in the workplace for the prestigious South Australian Operator of the Year award. Nominations close on 22 September 2017. South Australian Operator of the Year – Nomination Form

Tasmania’s Tap Water Recognised

WIOA is pleased to announce the Best Tasting Tap Water in Tasmania from the Fenton scheme that supplies water to parts of Hobart. 16 samples from across the state were judges at a water interest day held on Launceston on 2 August 2017. The sample will now go on to represent Tasmania against the other […]

Queensland Operators Recognised

The Queensland Operator of the Year was one of the many awards presented at the successful WIOA Queensland Conference and Exhibition held in Logan. A record crowd turned up to the event with over 850 individuals in attendance. John Holmes – Queensland Operator of the Year Glenn Cook – Queensland Operator of the Year (Civil/All Rounder) Harry […]

Morgan WTP wins SA Water Taste Test

Congratulations to the SAWater operators from the Morgan Water Treatment Plant on winning the 2017 South Australian Taste Test. This is the first time a facility has won a WIOA taste test for the second time anywhere in Australia.

Win $6000 in PD with the Kwatye Award

WIOA members are encouraged to apply for this prestigious award by 20 July 2017. The award aims to create positive change in the Australian water industry by investing in the personal development of operational employees.

Free NRL & AFL Tipping Competitions

Are you WIOAs’ leading tipster in the AFL or NRL? Why not demonstrate your prowess in the WIOA 2017 tipping competitions – entry is FREE NRL Tipping Competition NRL Comp Code : Z7JCZ7DV AFL Tipping Competition AFL Comp Code : VZZYKWZ5