The WIOA website is critical for the association to be able provide current information to our members and stakeholders. The site was made over in recent years and has become much more user and device friendly. We have plans to further develop the content and functionality of the site during 2019 to include access to a members portal which will allow members to keep their details up to date.

During 2018 the WIOA websites received a total of 70,440 entrances, a 17.92% increase on the previous year. The number of users accessing content through mobile or tablet devices was 24.39% of all traffic.

Our presence in social media channels also increased during 2018 with WIOA communicating with members via Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and providing more content on the WIOA YouTube channel. Across all the social media sites, there was an increase of users of 58.85%.

Our YouTube videos had a massive increase of 181.53% with the addition of some high-quality resources linked through the WIOA website. The video “Safe water mains repair” was developed in consultation with Western Water, Goulburn Valley Water and Peter Mosse and the video “Potable water tank inspections, water bucket test” was provided to WIOA for distribution by Aqualift Project Delivery.

Our Linked In presence reached 1,100 followers which equates to a 132.24% increase in followers over the previous year thanks to the site maintenance undertaken by Kathy Northcott.

WIOA is investigating additional ways our online presence can be more effective for members and to provide content that is valued by our members.