57,678 Web Hits

Acting on Member feedback from the survey completed in late 2016, the WIOA websites underwent a major renewal project during 2017. It was suggested that a redesigned website should be a priority to help make WIOA’s online presence more effective for members and to provide a responsive website that can be used across a wide range of devices, from desktop computer through to iPads and mobile phones.

WIOA staff undertook the upgrade work over a number of months, whilst still completing their normal tasks as well. The updated corporate website was launched as part of the WIOA 80th conference celebrations in Bendigo in September 2017 and it was received very well.

Since then, the formerly separate Certification and Conferences sites have also been migrated into the WIOA corporate site. The new website is much more user and device friendly, making it more attractive for a wide audience to utilise. It is also much easier to maintain which will enable staff to keep the content current and relevant, regardless of where they are in the country. We have plans to further develop the content and functionality of the site during 2018.

During 2017 the WIOA websites received a total of 59,733 unique views, almost exactly the same number of views as recorded in 2016. The sites did see a large increase of 28.6% of visitors accessing content through mobile or tablet devices which validates the site renewals project.

Our presence in social media channels also increased during 2017 with WIOA communicating with members via Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and on the WIOA You Tube channel. Across all the social media sites, there was an increase of users of 26.6%. Linked In provided the largest increase with the number of connections increasing by 44.8%.