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Water Interest Days, tours and site visits have been conducted by WIOA around Australia and more are being planned through our various Advisory Committees and networks. 

If you have a facility that you would like to showcase or if you are a supplier that wouldlike to sponsor one of these networking days, please contact Craig at WIOA craig@wioa.org.au or phone 03 5821 6744

NSW Advisory Committee


May 2017

Yamba Wastewater Interest Day
July 2016 Tea Gardens Water Interest Day
November 2015 Bathurst Water Interest Day with CENTROC
October 2015 Gunnedah Water Interest Day with the Northern Inland Water Group
& Ixom 2015 Best Tasting Tap Water in Australia
September 2014 Port Macquarie - Gas Chlorination
November 2014 Young - Dewatering
July 2013 Bootawa Water Treatment Plant


Queensland Advisory Committee


May 2017

Mt Crosby Water Interest Day
November 2016 Luggage Point Waster Interest Day
November 2015 Maleney Wastewater Interest Day
October 2015 FNQ (Cairns) Water & Wastewater Interest Day & Charity Barefoot Bowls
November 2014

Tugan (Desalination Plant)

November 2013
Oxley Creek (Sewage Treatment Plant) & Biosolids Strategy
April 2012 Bundamba (Advanced Water Treatment Plant)
February 2012 Murrumba Downs (Sewage Treatment Plant)
November 2011 Bundamba KSB Pumps Workshop


South Australia Advisory Committee


March 2017

Bolivar WWTP Wastewater Interest Day
August 2016

Operations Interest Day, Adelaide Desalination Plant

July 2016

Adelaide Water Interest Day & IXOM South Australia Water Taste Test

July 2015

Adelaide Water Interest Day & IXOM South Australia Water Taste Test


Tasmania Advisory Committee


October 2016

Bryn Estyn WTP Waste Interest Day
August 2016 Launceston Water Interest Day & IXOM Tasmanian Water Taste Test

April 2016

Oatlands (Lagoons)
November2015 Spreyton (Fonterra) Waste Interest Day
August 2015 Launceston Water Interest Day & IXOM Tasmanian Water Taste Test
May 2015 Cambelltown Water Interest Day
October 2014 Oatlands (Lagoons)
March 2014 Waratah (Water Treatment Plant)
October 2013 Huon (Water Treatment Plant)
May 2013 Distillery Creek (Water Treatment Plant), Tea Tree (Wastewater Treatment Plant)
October 2012 Burnie (Water Treatment Plant & Wastewater Treatment Plant)
July 2012 Bicheno Coles Bay, Swansea (Water Treatment Plant)
September 2011 St Helens (Wastewater Treatment Plant)


Victoria Advisory Committee


May 2015

Ballarat South WWTP Wastewater Interest Day

October 2016

Marysville Water Interest Day
& Ixom 2016 Best Tasting Tap Water in Australia

April 2016

Bendigo Asset Management Interest Day

October 2015

Wodonga Wastewater Interest Day

May 2015

Ballarat Maintaining residual in your network

October 2014

Wurdee Boluc WTP Water Interest Day
March 2014 Castlemaine WTP Water Interst Day
October 2013 Melton RWTP Water Interest Day
July 2013 Winneke WTP WaterInterest Day

Last updated on 22-May-2017


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