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Victorian NODP



Information for Victorian Water Corporations

It is expected that Water Corporations will take a proactive role in supporting the participation of their nominated and selected employees in the Program.

 Corporations will provide reasonable time for participants to attend the monthly Workshop sessions as well as time to undertake any assessment or presentation activities in the period between the Workshop days.

Employing Corporations will meet any travel, accommodation, session fees and reasonable out of pocket expenses that participants may incur through their involvement in the program. It is expected that the employing Corporations will also proactively support their nominated program participants in attending the annual WIOA Victorian conference.

Network Operator Development Program -Information for Water Coporations (358kb PDF)

Who is eligible for the program?

Applicants for this program must primarily work within the potable water reticulation network and/or wastewater collection systems.

Network reticulation is defined as the pipelines and associated infrastructure from the Water Corporation’s water treatment plant to the point where the customer’s responsibilities begin. Works normally undertaken can include isolation, repairs, maintenance and cleaning of potable water systems.

Wastewater collection is defined as the pipelines and associated infrastructure from the point where customer’s responsibilities cease to the point where the wastewater treatment plant responsibilities begin.¬† Works normally undertaken can include sewer system repairs, clearing blockages, CCTV review of assets and odour control.

Network and wastewater infrastructure can include pipelines of varying size, pump stations, access pits, valves etc.

Who chooses who to nominate?

Water Corporations will use their own internal process to determine who and how many individuals should apply.

Key Selection Criteria Matrix may assist HR Professionals to determine who should apply.

Network Operator Development Program Key Selection Criteria Matrix (12kb xls)

Application form

Network Operator Development Program Application Form (264kb Word)
Network Operator Development Program Application Form (126kb PDF)


Further information

Further information can be obtained by contacting info@wioa.org.au or phone 03 5821 6744.

Last updated on 15-Jun-2016


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