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Chemical Dosing, Coagulation, Flocculation & Clarification



Wauchope Water Treatment Plant
213 Quarry Road, Rosewood

Join other water industry operators in a Technical Workshop examining Water Quality and Distribution System Management.

1 Full-Day Session
Tuesday 22 August 2017 or Wednesday 23 August 2017

WIOA individual member: $220.00 per person (GST inc.)
Non-WIOA member: $264.00 per person (GST inc.) Become a WIOA member (only $30)

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Preliminary Program

Distribution system, public health and water quality awareness
• Distribution system and public health
• Aims of a water supply system
• Pathogens and chemicals
• Pathogen management
• Filters and disinfection
• Distribution
• ADWG framework - Control points, target objectives, critical limits and corrective action - Distribution system targets
• Operator responsibilities

How can pathogens get into the distribution system and what do we need to do about it?
• Catchment
• Storages
• Repairs, maintenance and installations
• Backflow
• Cross connections
• Hydrants

• Brief history
• Process of disinfection - Chlorination - Chloramination
• Management of chloraminated and chlorinated systems
• Monitoring

Repairs tappings and new mains
• Objectives
• Sanitary work procedures
• Interventions without loss of pressure
• Interventions with loss of pressure
• Disinfection of mains and tanks
• Management of discharged water

System cleaning
• Why clean
• Drought and ceaning
• Indicators for cleaning
• Flushing
• Air scouring
• Swabbing
• Comparisons and costs
• Frequency of cleaning
• Monitoring of cleaning
• System storages

Optimisation of distribution system
• Know the system
• Prevent contamination
• Minimise detention time
• Optimise disinfection
• Maintain and manage residuals(chlorine and chloramine)
• Balance residuals
• Residual trim

Further information

Further information can be obtained by contacting info@wioa.org.au or phone 03 5821 6744.

Last updated on 18-Jul-2017


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