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WaterWorks is the biannual technical journal published on behalf of the Association in May and November. WaterWorks includes operationally focussed articles and technical information and enjoys a wide distribution across the water industry to more than 7,000 individuals.

Technical items for WaterWorks can be sent to our editorial team at info@wioa.org.au

Distribution & Advertising

As well as being distributed to all WIOA members WaterWorks is distributed to our publishers (Executive Media) mailing list for Future Water magazine.

The May edition of WaterWorks will be included in the Queensland and Victorian conference satchels and the November edition is included in the NSW conference satchels.

To advertise in WaterWorks contact :
Nicole Grimm
Executive Media
P 08 7425 1209 M 0432 217 216 E nicole.grimm@executivemedia.com.au

WaterWorks Media Kit 2017 (pdf 818kb)

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WaterWorks November 2016

The current addition is available to WIOA members in print format only

  • Developing a safe water mains repair procedure - Neville Whittaker
  • Sandgate STP biosolids strategy - Gary Fenwick
  • What’s in the box? - Paul Gregg
  • Solar energy at Snowy Valleys STPs - Vince Ridley
  • Darlington trunk main shutdown - Dan Ford
  • Gloucester over chlorination event - Nathan Bakewell
  • Influent quarantine at East Burpengary STP - James Castle

Back issues of WaterWorks are available for download in a PDF version here. 

pdfWaterWorks May 2016 (PDF 4.4MB)

The current addition is available to WIOA members in print format only

  • Certification on the move - George Wall
  • From IT Officer to Water Officer - Chris McCallum
  • Membranes and organic polymer flocculants? - Kathy Northcott
  • Control of manganese in drinking water - Bruce Murray
  • Blackwater no more - Stuart Doak
  • Toilets for Sariri - David Greaves
  • Bump washing at Myponga - James Laube


pdfWaterWorks November 2015 (PDF 4.4MB)

  • Moving Forward ... But At A Snail’s Pace - George Wall
  • Water Mains Repairs At Wingecarribee - Ian Crow, John Webb & Ian McDonald
  • Distribution System 5C Hygiene At Unitywater - Shannon McBride & Belinda Janke
  • Cover That Pipe End - Peter Mosse
  • Good Practice Guide: How Do You Match Up? - Gareth Roeszler & David Sheehan
  • Dinosaur Bones and Artesian Gold - Geoffrey Johnson
  • UV Lamp Breakage at Stromlo WTP - Kate Smith
  • The Wizard of Ox - Joel Fitzgerald
  • Five Years of Taste Tests in Queensland - Dave Cameron

Guidance documents for the management of water mains breaks and repairs
 Microbial control for mains breaks and depressurisation - Report
Microbial control for mains breaks and depressurisation - Appendices
 Preventing microbial contamination of water mains - Pocket Field Guide
 Revision of AWWA C651-14: The Water Main Disinfection StandardExcellPublic Health Depends on Proper Main Repair & Disinfection E. Baker


pdfWaterWorks May 2015 (PDF 4.4MB)

  • OHS. Clean Up Your Act - Peter Mosse
  • SAE Saves $ at STPS - Richard Brice
  • Send in the Drone - Alister Laidlaw
  • Do Not Learn the Hard Way
  • Pullout Poster: 10 Commandments For Safe Drinking Water
  • Water Storage Tank Design - Dave Barry and Hannah Busch
  • Sand and Silt Trap at Rawson WTP - Mark Walker
  • Ultra and Microfiltration Membranes Design and Operation - Rick Maffescioni


pdfWaterWorks November 2014 (PDF 9.1MB)

  • WIOA’s Practical Guides Series
  • Redcliffe STP Road to Recovery - James Castle, King Intrapaiboon and Robin Cherry
  • Public Health Depends on Proper Main Repair and Disinfection - Everett Baker
  • Tuning BNR Plants - Ken Hartley
  • Technical Assessment and Mentoring Project for Remote Plants - Michelle Hill and Dave Cameron
  • Uncovering the Source of Hydrocarbons in Drinking Water - Steven Newham
  • A Long Road to Fluoridation for Port Macquarie and Hastings - Terry Randall and Murray Thompson


pdfWaterWorks May 2014 (PDF 9.1MB)

  • Noosa STP BNR Optimisation - Michael Thomas
  • Look After Your Floc - Peter Mosse
  • Paperless WTPS for South Gippsland - Bryan Chatelier
  • Operational Data Management at Wannon Water - Catherine Huf
  • Pilot Plants Guide SA Water Filter Upgrades - Jason West
  • Look Out at Hypo Sites - Derek Braden


pdfWaterWorks November 2013 (PDF 3.5MB)

  • Solar Biosolids Drying In Toowoomba - James Coonan
  • Plastics For Chemical Dosing Systems - Gary Dinse
  • How To Train Your Centrifuge - Jarrah Feather
  • Operational Performance Monitoring In Victoria - Helen Oates and David Sheehan
  • Only 52 - Adam Panozzo
  • Western Water’s Big Break - Fiona Robertson
  • Nature Strip Congestion - Leigh Trevaskis
  • Aerator History At Cowes WWTP - Chris West
  • WIOA Operator Certification Scheme - Kathy Northcott


pdfWaterWorks May 2013 (PDF 5MB)

  • Optimisation of Singleton IDEA STP - ASM Mohiuddin
  • Perisher Blue Improves Wastewater Treatment - Michael O'Rance
  • Full Wastewater Recycling Inside ANZ Building - Glen Meillott and Peter Zauner
  • Optimise Chlorine Contact Tank Performance - Jonathan Church and Jason Colton
  • Chlorine Training in Remote WA - Ron Levett, Tony Bohdan and Rob Namestnik
  • New Video Health and Safety SOPS - Michael Clewes
  • Standard Requirements Needed for WTPS - Bruce Murray and Christian Sanders
  • Arsenicl Removal in Remote Communities - Mei-Leng Yau and Gary Thorne
  • Rethinking PAC Handling - John Knoblauch


pdfWaterWorks November 2012 (PDF 5MB)

  • Westernport's Water Quality Journey - Brett Beaumont and Dean Chambers
  • Online Turbidity Instrumentation Guidelines - Peter Mosse
  • UV Disinfection Seminar Follow Up - Graham Smith
  • Optimising Dewatering at Pimpana WTP - Mark Wilson, Joel Warnes, Charlie Suggate, Lee Davies and Dion Sleep
  • Increased Biodiversity at Junee WWTP - Micheal Summerell, Sheree Shuttleworth and Will Barton
  • Corroivity Monitoring in Canberra - Timothy Crockford and Cameron Patrick
  • Samson's Improved Filter Core Sampler - Owen Bull


pdfWaterWorks May 2012 (PDF 6MB)

  • Editorial JSEWQA - Peter Mosse
  • EDC Study At West Wodonga - Peter Tolsher
  • Is Our WTP Performance Good Enough? - Peter Mosse
  • 18 Years Of Cleaning Treated Water Storage - Dave Barry
  • Emergency Earthquake Repairs at NZ WWTP - Stu Hildreth
  • Process Optimisation at Healesville WWTP - Richard Brice and David Diaz


pdfWaterWorks November 2011 (PDF 4 MB)
  • Editorial Driving Operational Change - George Wall
  • Self-Prime Pump Saves on Costs - Adrian Harper
  • Management of Protozoan Risk - Peter Mosse
  • From Drought to Flood 3 Easy Steps - Marcus Boyd
  • Ice Pigging - The Way Ahead? - Graeme Berriman
  • Improving NZ Drinking Water Quality - Jason Colton
  • Where Have All My Drying Beds Gone? - Ian Davis


pdfWaterWorks May 2011 (PDF 4.2 MB)

  • Divers Repair Submersible Mixer at WWTP - Lester Little
  • PFS Reduces Aluminum in rawson Water - Mark Walker
  • UV Disinfection & Validation - Graham Smith
  • Filter Media Problems at Pimpama - Mark Wilson, Dion Sleep, Charlie Suggate, Lee Davies and Joel Warnes
  • Online Monitoring of Cod at Echuca WWTP - Kay White


pdfWaterWorks December 2010 (PDF 2.7 MB)
  • Editorial: Aluminium, Your Time has Come! - Peter Mosse and Peter Gebbie
  • Sewer Repairs over Shoalhaven River - Steve Glennan and Phil Critchley
  • Lamella Clarifier Trials at Dinner Plain - Tony McKean
  • Water Treatment Plant - the Switch - Peter Gebbie
  • How's your Pipe - Greg Moore
  • Rehabilitation of Sewers for the Future - Nev Brown


  pdfWaterWorks June 2010 (PDF 2.7 MB)
  • Editorial:Wouldn't it be Nice; Instrumental Control and High Level Operational Reporting - Peter Mosse
  • Interview: David Barry of Aqualift
  • Water Pipes: Pipes Materials and Failures - Greg Moore
  • OHS vs Safe Drinking Water: Water Safety vs Occupational Safety - David Barry & Peter Mosse
  • pH Testing: Measuring pH Problems Overcome - Wayne Shaw
  • Water Filters: Filter Head Loss Profiles - Peter Mosse
  • SDWA Audits: Lessons for Operators; Victorian Safe Drinking Water Act Audits - David Sheehan & Leanne Wells


pdfWaterWorks December 2009 (PDF 1.7 MB)

  • Editorial: Alarming Problems - Peter Mosse
  • Emergency WTP Repairs: The Five Day Challenge - Greg Comer
  • Operator Training: Operator Exchanges in Germany - Jörg Krampe
  • Top Op Shot
  • Water Storage: Vermin Proofing Potable Water Storages -
  • Jai Josey & Peter Duzevich
  • Algae Control: Covering Clarified Launders Controls Algae -
  • Adrian Harper
  • Recycled Water Plant: Revving up a Recycled Water Plant -

Charlie Suggatè

  • SEQ Transition: SEQ in Transition Then and Now - John Granzien
  • Aquifer Storage & Recovery Trials at Barwon -  Gwyn Hatton


pdfWaterWorks June 2009 (PDF 2.4 MB)

  • Editorial: Towards a New Operations Environment - Peter Mosse & George Wall
  • After the Black Saturday Fire Storm! - Bruce Anderson
  • Reactive Soil Reminder - Out of sight, Out …- Paul Trentini
  • Long Term Filter Monitoring and Safe - Drinking Water - Data From Two Australian Water Utilities - Peter Mosse
  • Tarcutta Tales of Manganese and Iron - Peter Outtrim
  • Managing Melbourne's Water After Storm Events - Noel Miles, Kathy Northcott & Daniel Ellis
  • Sewer Response Unit (SRU) - David Errey


pdfWaterWorks December 2008 (PDF 1.4 MB)

  • Editorial - Filter Training needed for STP Operators?? - Peter Mosse
  • Recycled Water Colour Woes - Yolanda Sztarr
  • Cleaning Diffusers at Edgeworth WWTW - John Stevens
  • Bright Filtration Shines - Brian Scobie, Rex Humphreys and Jason Mullins
  • Sewer Blockages and Tree Roots - 2007 Kwatye Prize Report -

Graham Thomson

  • Kawana STP Upgrade Sorted - Stephen Will


pdfWaterWorks June 2008 (PDF 2.48MB)
  • It's just not good enough: Capital Project Delivery - Peter Mosse
  • Petrol and Sewer Don't Mix - Peter Anderson, Barry Young and Chris Seam
  • Underbool WTP: In House Design, Construction and Commissioning! - Chris Baker
  • Work Cover!!! What About Water Cover?? An Inside View to Managing Contamination in Water Storages - David Barry
  • WTP Upgrade; Dubbo Softens - Peter Catelotti and Dinesh Manivannan
  • Beaufort and Blackwood Mains Cleaned - Nick Martin, John Carr and David Both
  • Water Corporation Training: A Hands-On Approach - Rob Namestnik
  • Stratification Solutions - Chris Perks


pdfWaterWorks December 2007 (PDF 3.28MB)

  • The Australian Water Industry - 'The other crisis' - Peter Mosse and George Wall
  • Mittagong Upgrade and Commissioning - Chris Carlon and Dave Cochrane
  • Fire and Water - John Cameron
  • Water Delivery in Paradise - David Dickson
  • Bundy and Solids - Keith Nicholle, Graham Campbell and Kerry Dalton
  • In at the Deep End - Mark Samblebe
  • Coagulant Dosing Control Moves Forward - Chris Laidlow
  • Gold Cost Water Improves - Craig Bolin


pdfWaterWorks June 2007 (PDF 2.45MB)

  • Filter Failures - Which one is it? - Peter Mosse
  • 'A is for Antiscalant' - An A to Z of Membrane Technology - Cameron Patrick
  • Water Tanks - Going Down? - Peter Norder
  • Fishways at Torrumburry Weir - Terry Holt
  • Monitoring of Product Loss In Effluent Discharged from Diary Processing Facilities - Rob Dexter
  • Innovative Reuse of PAC Process Sludge - Luke Zappia and Steve Capewell


pdfWaterWorks December 2006 (PDF 2.73MB)

  • Training can you meet the Challenge - Peter Mosse
  • Not happy Larry!  The aftermath of cyclone Larry - Share Bandiera
  • Colour removal using Nano Filtration - Eddy Ostarcevic
  • Determination of COD, protein, blood and total solids in meat processing wastes - Rob Dexter
  • Flouridation in the far far North - Peter MacTaggart
  • The North Adelaide tank: What a beautiful storage - Matthew Thompson
  • Turbidity meters on trial! - Peter Woodrow
  • Bulace dyeing minimises trade waste - Jason McGregor


pdfWaterWorks June 2006 (PDF 1.84 MB)

  • Implementation - The Missing Link in Water Quality - Peter Mosse
  • Water Industry Training Package Review Update - May 2006
  • Lifecycle Costing - Which Pump? - Heath Seuren
  • Pigging the Lobethal Rising Main - Sue Lefebvre
  • Ezy Lift Chlorine Cylinder Trailer - Peter Huggins
  • Improved Solids Removal from Septic Tanker Discharge - Tony Heagney and Annmarie Tracey
  • Public Health is Your Resonsibility - Annette Davison
  • Return to Hell on Earth, Aceh Province, Indonesia - Dave Neru
  • Training Offered On Line - Kate Niblett
  • Treatment Plant Lock in: You Know You Should Have Stayed at Home in Bed When... - Michelle Colwell


pdfWaterWorks December 2005 ( PDF 6.00MB)

  • Water Quality and Distribution System Seminar - Anthony Evans
  • New Zealand Visited - Jarrah Feather
  • Colour Removal Without Chemical Addition - Eddy Ostarcevic
  • A New Zealand Experience - Brendan Holt
  • Sewer Pump Station Fall Prevention System - Jarrah Feather
  • Recycled Water Production at Rouse Hill - Iain Fairbain
  • Water Treatment Alliance: Filter Assessment Workshop at Hobart WTP - Peter Mosse
  • Filter Optimisation at Winneke - Mark Jarvis
  • Problems with Liners and Covers - Peter Norder


pdfWaterWorks June 2005 (PDF 5.83MB)
  • "Operators? - Who Cares?" - George Wall
  • Water Treatment Coagulants (or how I learned to love doing jar tests!) - Peter Gebbie
  • Improved Float Removal at a DAFF - Karl Williams
  • Cairns Water Treatment Alliance - Brian Smyth and Chris Ormond
  • Trade Waste Management Plans - Cooperative Compliance - Jason McGregor
  • Composting Biosolids - Darren Key and Peter Mosse
  • Whakappa Alpine Sewerage Scheme - Warren Furner

pdfWaterWorks December 2004 (PDF 3.08 MB)

  • Solar Sludge Drying - Ross Shannon, S. Nathan, V. Luboschik
  • State of the Art Operational Manuals - Jason Whittaker
  • Nitrogen Removal Using Tertiary Filtration - Suzie Hatch and Colum Kearney

pdfWaterWorks June 2004 (PDF 2.92 MB)

  • Biosolids Management - Did you hear the one about? - George Wall
  • Water Storages - What the Cleaner Saw! - Peter Norder, Neil Whitelaw, Craig Jones
  • Filter Media Matters - Bruce Murray
  • Successful Filter Rebuilds - A Practical Guide - Michelle Colwell
  • Watery Tales - Kristine Hunter

pdfWaterWorks December 2003 (PDF 6.07 MB)

  • Guidelines and ACTS: Get Involved - Peter Mosse
  • Detecting Odour Potential at an Industrial Treatment Plant - John Day
  • pH Buffering in the Greaves Creek Water Supply System - Carolyn Haupt and John van der Meulen
  • Vetiver Grass Wetlands to Treat Sewerage in Esk Shire - John Granzien and Lloyd King
  • HACCP at Molendinar WTP - John Jacobs and Craig Bolin
  • Foaming STP at Queanbeyan - Greg Fogarty
  • Gerard Barry - Victorian Operator of the Year 2003 - John Park

pdfWaterWorks June 2003 (PDF 3.57 MB)

  • The Hazard of Summer - Peter Mosse
  • Fire and Water - Tim East and Robin Burgess
  • Water on Wheels - Neil Healey
  • I've seen fire.  I've seen rain.  I've seen muddy waters that I thought would never clear again. - Michael Leak, Roland Passuello, Bruce Tyler
  • Off Tastes and Distribution Systems: Studies Using UV-Vis Spectroscopy - Peter Mosse
  • Covering of Treated Water Storages to Improve Water Quality to Customers - Len Ablett
  • Do you know your D.O. - Rob Dexter
  • Biolsolids Research Update - Terry Anderson
  • Opeator Training Revisited: Your Thoughts Please - George Wall

pdfWaterWorks December 2002 (PDF 2.63 MB)

  • Trialling the Deskin Quick Dry Filter Bed for Biosolids Reduction - Anthony Evans
  • pH Measurement in Low Ionic Strength Drinking Water - Phil Edwards
  • Commissioning of Australia's Largest Nitrogen Removal Plant - Ross Smith and David Solley
  • STP Filtraton Back on Track - Michael Bonnano
  • Pass for P.A.S.S on OH&S and Treatment - Sandy McGregor
  • Use of a Novel On-line Instrument to Investigate the Impact of Trade Wastes on a UV Disinfection System - Peter Mosse
  • Removing Algal Tastes and Odours from Drinking Water - Gayle Newcombe and David Cook
  • It's always on a Friday - Ken Turner

pdfWaterWorks June 2002 (PDF 2.51 MB)

  • Report on the New Zealand Water and Wastes Association 2001 Conference - George Wall
  • Optimising Backwashing at Molendinar Water Treatment Plant - Frank James
  • Innovative Aeration at the Beechworth Waste Water Treatment Plant - Mark Samblebe and Bob Malone
  • Filter Covers!  A pictorial technical note - Peter Mosse
  • Know your Filters - Sandy McGregor
  • Low-Alkalinity Measurement Using the Gran Plot Technique - Peter Gebbie
  • Practical Experiences with Online Nutrient Analysers - Paul Keating

pdfWaterWorks December 2001 (PDF 2.91 MB)

  • Floated Sludge Removal Shepparton Water Treatment Plant - Neal Collins
  • Launder Scrubba - Trevor Gordon
  • Propellor Blades at the Moe STP - Paul Keating
  • Balancing the Wastewater Equation - George Wall
  • Upgrading the Morwell Sewage Treatment Plant - Mick Cook
  • Practical Experiences with Particle Counters - Michelle Colwell

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