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Water Training Package Information

Government Skills Australia (GSA) are pleased to announce the release of learning resource materials aligned to Certificate IV of the NWP07 Water Training Package.


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The Water Training Package Final Endorsement

Training Package

The Water Training Package (NWP07) has been endorsed by the NQC and the Minister. The endorsement process has taken an unexpectedly long time, a reminder that the development of Training Packages and national qualifications is a serious business with complex process and stakeholders.

The main features of the new Training Package include:

  • The introduction of Certificate I in Water sustainability aimed at promoting the valuable role of the water industry as a potential employer for school leavers.
  • The introduction of a Vocational Graduate Certificate in Water industry leadership designed to provide industry specific skills for new graduates, and a potential pathway to higher education for experienced operators.
  • The expansion of elective units of competencies for all qualifications to provide more flexible learning pathways.
  • The removal of qualifications nesting in the certificates to provide more flexible access, especially for experienced operators.
  • The inclusion of employability skills to emphasis the inherent generic skills contained in qualifications, and therefore promote greater portability of generic skills.
  • The use of single flexible generic qualifications at each AQTF level to recognise the multiple contexts of water industry operations and the removal of narrow specialisations.
  • A focus on technical skills with generous allowance for imported units from other Training Packages to cover non-technical skills.

The Water Industry Advisory Committee thanks all those who contributed to the review and the final endorsement. It has been a long and demanding exercise, requiring commitment, patience and a generous donation of time and expertise.

Government Skills

The review of the Water Training Package has identified the need for a qualification for the maintenance of remote essential services, often based in remote and Indigenous communities or in remote mining and tourism sites, and in some locations, responsible for both power and water.

This qualification will be developed as a priority for continuous improvement of the Training Package in 2007 for inclusion as part of continuous improvement in mid 2008.

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Last updated on 28-Nov-2014


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