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Useful Tools and Resources

Management of Distribution System Mains Breaks (Water RF 2014)

ExcellMicrobial control for mains breaks and depressurisation - Report (469kb PDF)

ExcellMicrobial control for mains breaks and depressurisation - Appendices (3.6mb PDF)

ExcellPreventing microbial contamination of water mains - Pocket Field Guide (271kb PDF)

Revision of - the Water Main Disinfection Standard

ExcellRevision of AWWA C651-14: The Water Main Disinfection Standard (316kb PDF)

Flushing Velocity Calculator

Excel calculator for pipe diameter, flushing rate and flushing time.

ExcellFlushing Velocity Calculator - Spreadsheet (Excel Spreadsheet)

Pump Tips

ExcellTroubleshooting tips for wastewater pumps (99kb PDF)

ExcellWhite paper on variable speed wastewater pumping (2.3mb PDF)

Water Treatment Analyser Tools

ExcellWater Treatment Analyser Article from Operator Newsletter (96kb PDF)

The Water Treatment Alliance and the Water Services Association, with support from the Victorian Department of Health, have developed some Excel based software tools to allow Water Utilities and Water Treatment Plant (WTP) operators to assess the performance of their plants at the two key control points for pathogen control, namely media filtration and chlorine-based disinfection.

Instructions for use:

  • Select the Analyser from the links below
  • Select “Save” and navigate to your preferred folder location, and select Save.
    Do not change the workbook name.
  • Close MS Excel.
  • The tools must be opened from MS Excel and not from file manager.
  • Start Excel. Go to File/Open, navigate to the saved file location and select the file. Click on open.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to use the tools.


The WTAnalyser allows you to download and extract data from SCADA trends for detailed analysis. Since the trending system samples at short time intervals, very large amounts of data make up the trends. The first step is to extract a subset of the data for further analysis.

ExcellWater Treatment Analyser Disinfection - Spreadsheet (v3.0 Excel Spreadsheet)


This tool has been developed to assist you in analysing the performance of filters at your plant. It extracts data from other MS Excel or csv files. Once data is selected it is automatically processed into a graphical and statistical format that will tell you how your filters are performing.

ExcellWater Treatment Analyser Filtration - Spreadsheet (v3.2 Excel Spreadsheet)

H2Ea - Spreadsheet for Water Treatment Operators V2.0

Knowing water cation and anion analyses, pH, EC and temperature, this spreadsheet calculates various water quality parameters including: hardness, ALK/(Cl+SO4) & SO4/(Cl+SO4) ratios (used in some corrosivity assessment models), Sodium Adsorption Ration (SAR), TDS (as mg/L & meq/L), Ionic Strength (by two methods), Acidity, Corrosivity Indices (Langelier Saturation Index [LSI], Aggressiveness Index, Larson Index & Calcium Carbonate Precipitation Potential [CCPP] by graphical method [see paper by P.Gebbie presented at 2000 AWWOA Conference, Warrnambool]) & estimated coagulant doses for surface water treatment. Please direct any queries &/or comments you may have about this resource to George Wall at info@wioa.org.au.

ExcellH2Eau Spreadsheet for water treatment operators (Excel Spreadsheet. Version 2.0 Nov 2012- 3MB)

The new version updated in November 2012 has fixed the error in the previous version, as well as several enhancements:

  1. Calculates different forms of alkalinity and carbon dioxide: OH, CO3, HCO3 and CO2
  2. Can be used for wastewater treatment as NH3, PO4 and NO3 analytes
  3. Can be used for RO/demineralisation modelling as Ba, Sr and silica
  4. Fluoride added


Conversion program for various units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions.

ZipConvert 4.10 (ZIP 168k)

Note: The download is ZIPped to save space and time. You will need to unZIP it once it has been downloaded. If you don't have a ZIP utility, you can get one from WinZip.

Measuring Alkalinity - Gran Plot Technique

ExcellGran Plot Spreadsheet (Excel Spreadsheet. Version 5.0-95. 62 KB)

Water Balance Model Spreadsheets

ExcellBlank Balance Model 5.0-95.xls (Excel Spreadsheet. Version 5.0-95. 19 KB)
ExcellBlank Balance Model 97-2000.xls (Excel Spreadsheet. Version 97-2000. 20 KB)


Last updated on 05-Oct-2015


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